Fundraising Yigong Seminar for World Peace Stupa Project ( )

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Fundraising Yigong Seminar for World Peace Stupa Project ( )

Presented by Sifu Jenny Lamb


Date: June, 11-13th


Lecture: Friday 7:30-9:00pm,


Seminar: Saturday & Sunday 9:00-12:00noon & 1:00-4:00pm


Location: Sequent, Inc. 158 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ 07960

Cost: $300/per person for the Seminar with free lecture. Lecture only: $20/per person

I am inviting you all to join me to walk together on the path toward world peace. Supporting the Bodhivastu Stupa project is a good way to start. The reason I'm supporting this project is not because the stupa will be a significant monument that symbolizes world peace, nor because it is going to be built in the United States, nor because of who is leading the project, nor to fulfill any prophecy, but simply because building world peace has to start within.





Our effort is not aimed at donating some money in order to complete the outer form, claim a name for ourselves, establish a wealthy return, or plant a seed of good Karma for future life, but to merely attempt to undertake our journey in building this stupa within. How can we do that? By starting to change ourselves in action.





Of the Buddha's teaching of six perfections, generosity is the first (the rest are morality, patience, effort, meditation, and wisdom). Let us shape the world by shaping ourselves into selfless people. Reducing self-concern helps to open up one's heart to others. It brings loving-kindness, compassion and accepting others into existence. This is a true path for working on world peace.





Creating a loving and fearless world benefits humanity, benefits you and me who are living in it. It is not the result of the project that matters. The form itself has less meaning. It is the selfless action that evokes true humanity, which creates world peace and happiness.





When people have unselfish reasons, it effects lots of people. If only $10 was given from each person and there are millions of people contributing, you would have millions of people changing their thoughts and actions. That would make a tremendous difference.





Spontaneous Adjustment Qigong is the first level of Yigong. It is one of the highest Taoist Maoshan esoteric practices. It is spontaneous, formless and supports the spiritual development of one’s great potential. The 1-1/2 hour lecture on Friday will impart a deep understanding of subtle body dynamics drawing upon Chinese cosmology, medicine and philosophy. The two day seminar on Saturday and Sunday consists of guided experiential exercises combined with spontaneous movement techniques, tapping qigong, acupoint opening and relaxation.








  • Detoxify
  • Improve blood circulation and release blockages
  • Increase energy and Increase Immunity
  • Develop balance, awareness and intuition
  • Restore vitality and enhance health
  • Promote longevity and general well-being




For online registration, please go to Events at: All the proceeds of the seminar will go to the World Peace Stupa Project sponsored by Bodhivastu ( Your contribution is tax deductible. For any questions, please contact [email protected] or call Jazz at: 732-423-6963.






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