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I like to refer to the Islamic-Sufi path when it comes to this particular area. On the one hand, the Buddha concisely discussed the topic of fetters or mental hindrances that tie us, from the human perspective, to Samsara; on the other, Muhammad said that "Holy is the warrior who is at war with himself". In this sense external wars and strife are seen but a satanic counterfeit of the true "jihad" which can only be fought and won within; no other Salvation can save man without the efforts of the man himself being added to the work involved of self-refinement. Jihad al-akbar is by far the greatest fight of all as we are daily struggling with our egos and lower self desires that deter us from connecting with the Divine Source once and for all.


Besides, to overcome suffering one must understand and walk the path of suffering. Neither Buddha achieved enlightenment in the palace nor Muhammad had his revelation in a mosque, as you know.



Let me finish this thread with some Sufi wisdom:



A Star Without a Name



When a baby is taken from the wet nurse,


it easily forgets her


and starts eating solid food.




Seeds feed awhile on ground,


then lift up into the sun.




So you should taste the filtered light


and work your way toward wisdom


with no personal covering.




That's how you came here, like a star


without a name. Move across the night sky


with those anonymous lights.

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Thank you for sharing this!


I always appreciate your posts as they are weighty!

Been dying to ask about your avitar photo though, cool pictures as well!


Peace out, One Love...


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