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Hi Guys! Kamusta is (hello!) here in the Philippines. I stumbled upon this site while I was searching for a forum with like minded fun people who are into inner energy development like me.


I got interested in Inner energy development after I've experience a very depressing stage in my life, where I was plagued by a disease and it got the best of me. My body became prone to a lot of allergies. The doctors over here was not able to gave a clear diagnosis. The closest thing that they could say is that its a from of "virus/bacteria".


Well, after hearing that.. I really felt hopeless just like most people. For almost 2 years I was not able to go out and stayed just home. My self-esteem went down. My confidence was no where to be found. And if I ever go out I'm all covered up because, I was ashamed of the allergies that were coming out of my skin.


Just imagine the embarrassment that I feel during that time. And I have like zero social life. I felt really bad not being able to go to clubs anymore and got for a movie or just wander in the malls. I said to myself that I don't want to live like this anymore and I am going to do everything in my power to heal myself.


Now, enough of that. What happened was I started to look for alternative cures. I started to change my lifestyle like I stopped drinking and smoking and I've stopped stressing myself out.


Then, I don't know if this is luck, I tried to look towards inner energy development (for obvious reasons). Fortunately, I accidentally met a guy who has been practicing Tenaga Dalam for 13years already.


This guy is on his late fifties but he looks like he is only on his 30's same goes for his wife. He was Trained directly by the direct descendant of this certain clan in Indonesia. And he is the only person here who was instructed directly and given the permission to teach for people who wants to improve their health. As for the training, I thought they're going to charge me just like the rest of any other school. But I was surprised to know that all they asked from me is commitment and dedication. So basically, it is all a free gift of love.


Anyways, I was taken under his wing. And within 3 months I started to see improvements. When I was sick my weight is 90lbs.. I eventually gained my weight back to 130lbs. My allergies and disease eventually left me and I started to gain my self-esteem back. And after 5months I started to go out again, What a relief was that! to be able to go out in public again w/o shame, watch movies, go shopping, visit some friends, go to the beach and go clubbing again. Right now I have been a practitioner of Tenaga Dalam- Pemusatan Kalimasada for more than a year already.


Most of the people I know who undergoes inner energy training seek for power and psychic abilities. But not me, I was in search for a cure. Although, in the course of my training I started to feel and able to do some things w/c is just a requirement to go to the next level. Well, that's about it.


I can say that right now, I got my life back.


I hope I can contribute and share some of my experiences in this forum.






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Hi SirYuri,


Welcome to the ‘bums. Excellent introduction, you made an effort to improve your life and a teacher appeared. “Luck” indead :)


Hope you have fun here.


Thank you for the welcome Mal. :lol:

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