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Hey! My name is Eugene and I'm 22. I've been meditating and practicing Nei Gong for a year now. I've gathered random information from various sources, met a few teachers and then decided to learn on my own. I knew that my body could tell me everything I need to know in order to progress further. Meditation and cultivation of energy is not like martial arts. You can go home, sit down, and listen to what your body tells you. Put your senses inwards, then outwards, and connect the two. :)


I've been checking out this site quite often without ever joining, but now I joined because I had two important questions.


1) What are the levels in NeiGong? Could someone describe me the abilities one develops per level?


2) I'm asking the question because it all came VERY naturally to me. I filled my Dan Tien within 2 months. Opened the Microcosmic orbit another month later. Learned how to convert sexual energy into chi for super vitality and turned myself into a multi-orgasmic man with the use of the Big Draw, Cosmic orbit, etc.


Now, my level is pretty intense and I'm getting a little scared. Every time I turn my senses inward, I get pulled up and down by different energies, and when I start gathering energy around me, my hands are starting to produce strong sensations of electricity. I'm not at John Chang's level, but today was most intense yet. I'm worried if this can damage my heart, my brain, other organs??


In the end, I always gather the energy in my Dan Tien again in order to not have any flowing around my body... but, during practice, am I getting to dangerous grounds?


The reason for my fast progress is because I've always been very introverted and in tune with my body. One could say that I've been subconsciously meditating my entire life.


I'm hoping that since I've been successful so far, I will sense any dangers coming ahead and avoid them instinctively. But to be on the safe side, could someone please fill me in on the two questions?


Thanks a lot!


Happy to be here! :D



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I suggest that you copy your intro post ?s and post as a new topic in the main discussion section. You'll get more answers there. The lobby gets used pretty much just for intros and is not checked as much.




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Yes, it can...



I should have been more clear with my question. I know it can, but... how often does that happen? Or at what level do you have to be for that to be a possible threat? That's what I really wanted to know.

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