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on the road (hi)

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hey we fae are not only irish, not only indian, not only african, not only japanese, not only brazilian, not only choctaw, not only pomo, not only people who use herb, not only people who eat mushrooms, not only people who don't, not only christians, not only wantis, not only buddhists, not only wiccans, not only hindus, not only muslims, not only cybellines not only athiests, not only shamans, not only queer, not only men, not only women, not only in between, not only those who are visible here, not only anything sure ya know this, we are spirits, we come freely to all people, and even those who call themselves people or not, theyre spirits too, we all just arise in this moment, from..., the God...dess.. Love, Ness, this feeling, so don't hold ideas like that against anyone else, a person or anything, because we are them, equal with all things.. i used to do that, but now I am here and I see, theres no difference, wanti is here, and here is wanti, it used to be so much, maybe again I will see it like that again, but even as it is now, I see how much I am too and it always comes through enough, we can never be too far away from home, because our real family is everywhere! and even we are always changing, we're not the same day to day, i like to change my name a lot.. and really my name is just the sound the is happening at the time... or no sound, it goes on and on all in continuation in the divine flow of life, you see sure language created all this division, and it can be fun, but know that thats all it is, a game, and never let it cause any yam yam between you and 'somebody' else, we're all one, tell em that and they'll remember, to remember is the whole thing, to get back to that moment, that is now surrounded by love, surrounded by goodness, in true home, everywhere! we haven't even left, ya see, we're always here and growing, living, and loving, in total harmony, its just some people don't see that yet, so lets help them see, everything that happened tonight, and in my life.. all my music, everything is just to help them see, and help myself see, that there is only absolute blissful and joyous freedom of the soul, that is wanti, that is what there was in the beginning, and that is what there is now, the rest, is just a game... a beautiful game, but a game, love thy neighbor, all around you, everything is alive, and speaking in its own way, even if that way is silence, and the message is nothing! it is the space, for us to echo out our cry Sulos, the greatest love, that fills everything up, and leaves no distinctions, and births all things and sustains itself, infinitely on and on and on, we are coming out of that, and into that, and between, there is that! So do what you love, let every action be filled with the utmost sincerity, and kindness and compassion, towards yourself and towards others, be forgiven, but always seek the best in whats/whose around you and try to bring that out, when you can do this, and you do it now, you are truly alive, and thats all there is to IT!


The Pomo, the divine newborn grandmother mushroom sun earth moon goddess of the every planet and the void middle person emanating life as atman from Atman and sometimes acts like a man but doesnt really care or whatever what ya call him and is actually really nice and involved and sometimes funny, taught me this, and laughs because I only teach myself, but there she is anyways, an aid a help, the knowledge that someone is there, the things I've seen happen, are possible for everyone of us, and they will happen, if they haven't already, the universe experiences itself as perfect love and bliss, and so that is what is sown, that is what these words do, send this feeling forth, in the earth, from Wanti, which is like a hug, land of hugging light, and peace.. we've forgotten most of ourselves but the stories of this place remind us somewhat, and we come here to embrace it all, and let the vitality move through us, beyond us, and as it goes beyond us, we expand, and see there are no boundaries, and like this we can really be kind, we can really Care... how is another person, because we see we are saying how is this part of me, what does this part of me have to say, to express, does it need help? Do I need help? It goes both ways, the more we think like this the easier, all things can be transformed, and flexible, like water! but also stable like snow, like ice, never being in one form for two long, and yet, always theres something basically the same about it, that quality of sulos...


nothing bad will ever happen as long as we let this love grow, within us, and help others to let it grow, we are like the soil... and the seed is constantly being sown, we are the soil and he is the sunshine, and she is the air, and they are the trees and the plants and the bees and nirvana, peace, happiness, love itself.. all everywhere

peace, love, unity, and respect...

because we are all lovers, if we were not lovers of something, even if it does not have a traditional name, even if we don't know it yet as love, then we would not be here! but Love is like that, and love is faithful, and love is pure, and all the world is pure, that is why it has crystallized like it has, because it felt so good that way it just stopped, and where it wants to move, thats where we will be, and we'll move it, and we'll change it, as vessels of what is both so individual seeming and yet so universal, of Life, of God, of wanti, of the buddha nature, brahmin, of wisdom, compassion, peace, love, unity, respect, joy, spontaneity, newness, wonderment, awe, nature! when all is equally loved, aigy saiyazen, Adawapayo grows strong, we all remember, we all smile, deep down in our hearts, and far out, in the sky the stars, the ground, the waves..


echoing out and being called to, by the one on the other side, the other half, the bridge is apparent, and there is fulfillment!


just see what happens, be open, we know nothing, meditation, things/you/we are always changing, evolving, getting better


and these are songs!!

- river river river

- the bees live on!

- shaha!

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Hi Dera,


Wow! What a self-introduction!!


Good to see you are not speechless. Hehehe.




May you enjoy your time here.


Peace & Love!

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