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One love

Authentic sexual power. Ya Baby !

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int main()


printf("hello, world");

return 0;



Yeah g33kish :)


So hello to all.


I'm a citizen of the EU (not technically but we'll become a superstate, so it's valid), in my early twenties and truth be told, have no real clue about any spiritual practice.


I started doing yoga and daily meditation (30 min with Holosync) a month ago but I don't know aynthing about chakras, chi, ying/yang, kundalini, ... The search of wanting to know more brough to this site and honestly, I don't know if I believe half of this.


I mean feeling/sending energy, demons, self rotating blades, voluntarily control of bodily processes, etc. This things don't exist in my current reality so I'm confused when people talk about it but I was in the dark until now. How/why/conspiracy/etc all sorts of question running through my mind.


I would like to know more but for starters I don't want a system that will take 20 years and daily deciphering of ancient scrolls. I can imagine some ordotox members will disagree with this but I'm the type that has a hard time gettin into the water if he'll need a year just to swim for a minute.


I'll start with the FAQ but if anyone has any other proposition for a "Spiritual Newbie 101", go right ahead. I'm especially interested in energy work, well since, the results can be felt (at least I imagine they can).


One love

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