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Edward M

Need some advice on circulation

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Hi, need some advice on starting a circulation practice. is it needed when i allready do tabata intervals on bike which circulates the blood?


if so, which is best to start without a teacher?


i have too much material allready from over the years but never had the confidence to try on my own!!


got chia's awaken healing light (micro-orbit), most of kumar's material, yogani's book on yoga and ken cohen qigong course.


i have been taught the micro-orbit by a wingchun teacher i had for a while but i got scared off when he said if you don't do it consistently for six months minimum you will suffer organ damage plus you gotta build up jing before each sitting by standing 1/2 hour in wing chun stance.


any advice apreciated...please bear in mind i have some trouble with managing emotions,i never vent them i just go inwards with them.


i can do an hour of i-am mantra meditation no problem when i have no nagging issues like work that needs to be done.





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