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Here are some segments from swami Rama on the yoga sutras.He is the yogi from the pdf file who performed many feats under lab. conditions. He comments on sitting still for four hours and thirty six minutes as a beginning just like Wang Liping.He comments on the full lotus position[Drew] and how the energy field extends through the body.In Swami, by Doug Boyd he used what he called the electricity[chi] the energy of the body to break a[part] metal ruler without touching it.He comments on the limitations of zen training.Given our recent outburst over chinese/white/western/other groups I think it behooves us all to recall the original Buddha was Indian and Damo was from India.You can get them all on you-tube, I really like his style of teaching/lecturing.I don't agree with everthing he says though but still a person of accomplishment!


I wonder what Santiago or Ya mu think of it.






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