German New Medicine Explains Heart Attacks

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Interesting, but the video shows only theory, no data. It's unclear what, if any, data support these theories. Worth remembering the ice bit, though, what the well a the woman at 1:40, although all these images look like they're from some sort of stock footage reel...thanks for posting, smile.


BTW, this kind of post needs to be in 'off topic', not 'taoist discussion'...

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Heart disease = Xiong Bi.


It is a fire organ and from the TCM perspective, the main physiological functions and indicators of the heart includes:


1. The domination of blood and vessels, and facial complexion


2. Control of the mind, and


3. Opening into the tongue.



In TCM it is the most important of all the Zang Fu (five major organs), it is sometimes called the "master." A scattered mind leads to heart disease. A troubled mind is caused by an unsettled spirit.


Western heart disease = caused by our society which is too Yang and is lacking of strong moral values. We need his spirit back:





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