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Ron Goninan

Seeking people interested in White Crane Boxing!

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Seeking people interested in White Crane Boxing 0 Minutes ago

On behalf of the White Crane Research Institute I invite you to become part of a progressive community of individuals and organizations interested in promoting Martial Arts in general and White Crane training in particular. Through its cutting-edge, next generation training programs, the White Crane Research Institute delivers the life changing experience that today's Martial Artists demand. By becoming a member of the White Crane Research Institute, and promoting these life-changing training programs you will become the catalyst for changing the lives of many and you will be rewarded with the opportunity to learn and become a part of this unique approach to martial arts. We can teach you not only how to dramatically increase your punching, striking and kicking power via Waveforms Impact Generation but how to do so with ease of motion and ease of effort! You will learn how to incorporate Pressure Points into your training and knowledge to increase your personal effectiveness! We are here to help you become the best you can be!We can teach you this material in an amazingly short time span. Our approach to the Martial Arts is honest, down to earth with no frills and no overt commercialisation or bowing and scraping in order for you to learn this highly effective approach to the martial arts!


Please consider joining with us and begin the Journey!


Shifu Ron Goninan's ability to teach this information in a clear, concise and easy to understand way, is what makes him stand out from the rest. Ron Goninan has made it his mission to ensure that everything he teaches meets the following criteria:


Easy to Learn

Easy to Replicate

Easy to Pass on to Others

Works for you when it matters.



* Internationally Accredited Martial Arts Instructor! Martial Arts Industry Association & World

Kuoshu Federation

* Recognised in China!

* Over 35 Years Experience!


You too can fast track your way to acquiring Martial Arts knowledge with the aid of the White Crane Research Institute.


We will personally guide you through the processes required to become certified at your own pace!


Join now for free, that's right, FOR FREE!


No Hidden catches! No Strings Attached! Free Lifetime Membership to approved applicants! We want you to become a part of our White Crane Martial Arts Research and Discovery. We ARE NOT interested in money, commercialisation or politics .. Just down to earth Martial Arts!


We will teach you our White Crane for free! We are looking for serious and dedicated people who really care about the Martial Arts and who want to be a part of our unique approach to the martial arts. We make this unique offer because we believe we have something of value to offer within the martial arts!


Start your own White Crane Boxing study group under our banner and contribute to the on-going research of our WCRI


I personally invite you to get in touch with me at the White Crane Research Institute to see how we may be able to help you with your own Martial Arts journey!


I offer to accept you as a member free of any charge and to teach you for free! I seek only your honesty and your input.


I want to promote our unique way and invite you to join with us now! ~ Ron Goninan.


White Crane Research Institute

9 Short Street

Wellington. NSW. 2820


Ph/Fax: (02) 68452846

Intl Phone: 61-2-68452846

Email: [email protected]

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