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Guided Insight Meditation

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While making my rounds through iPhone / iPod touch sites, I found this:


The purpose of this iPhone App is to help you make your meditation practice as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.


This App plays that key role of meditation guide and motivator and is there to support you from anywhere at anytime.


The App has the following features:

* "Pure" meditation guidance with no religious colour

* 48 streamlined videos of guided meditation instruction (1hr total)

* Recommended course guides for Children, Beginners & Seasoned Practitioners

* Just 30min of recommended instructional video guidance before you're ready to sit and start practicing effectively

* 30min of instructional video remedies for the problems and distractions that you encounter in your practice

* A meditation facility which offers 10min of realtime guided instructional meditation (excellent for beginners)

* An inspirational quotes facility for those instances when you need that extra motivation

I haven't tried it yet, but it's only going to be free for maybe another day so I'm posting it here just in case anyone here might be interested.

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