Fun idea: Tao - finally available in bottles!

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Initially I simply had the idea of the thread title's joke, but then it grew. B)


I once found out that by mixing a certain peach-flavored ice tea and ginger ale in the right ratio, I could produce a beverage that is virtually tasteless. I mean, even water has a subtle taste, but this stuff didn't even have that, and that's especially crazy considering all the ingredients that are part of the two components.

I called it "neutral lemonade" and guess what: the Swiss guys loved it! :rolleyes:


Now one could sell this beverage in bottles, give it the trademark "Tao" and add the slogan "The Tao that has taste is not the eternal Tao." :lol:



Addendum: The commercial could go like this:


Taoism... an ancient philosophy revolving around the Tao, the naturally undefinable source of all that is, having no attributes, incorporating existence and non-existence and being beyond any understanding. ... NOW AVAILABLE IN BOTTLES!!!

Including amongst others: sugar, acid, salt, tea extract, aroma, fruit concentrate ... symbolizing everything that exists in the universe.

And you'll never forget the sensation, because it tastes of ... NOTHING!!! You've heard right! How could it be any other way?!


The Tao that has taste is not the eternal Tao.



... Now available at your local chinese food store.



P.S. (pun scriptum): This is all my owln idea! :D

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Great idea! Go for it. And yeah, don't sell it in Germany - sell it in Switzerland. The borders will be backed up for miles on both sides, coming and going.


(That was cute. Hehehe.)


Happy Trails!

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