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Sun & Moon Salutations

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This Hatha Yoga asana is best practiced with the sunrise and provides a great start for the day and sitting meditation session. Benefits:


Positions 1 and 13 - Establish state of concentration and calm.


Positions 2 and 12 - Stretch abdominal and intestinal muscles, exercise arms and spinal cord.


Positions 3 and 11 -Aid in prevention, relief of stomach ailments. Reduce abdominal fat. Improve digestion and circulation. Limber spine.


Positions 4, 5 and 10 - Tone abdomen, muscles of thighs and legs.


Positions 6 and 9 - Strengthen nerves and muscles of arms and legs. Exercise spine.


Positions 7 and 8 - Strengthen nerves and muscles of shoulders, arms and chest.



For more info and pics click here:





Similar to the previous one but here we are absorbing moon's energy through its various phases. Because this asana revitalizes the body in a more relaxed and soothing way, it is more appropriate at night time.


Info and pics are found in these links:



Finally, regardless of what asana you perform and the time of the day you do it, is very important to always finish finish with Savasana (Corpse Pose). Lie down for 5 mins for every 30 mins of practice.






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Yes great exercise.. One notice though.


If you're a fire type and/or experience any overheating due to improper diet, stress, climate etc. the Moon Salutation is the thing for you. This exercise helps to keep the system cool.


Consult an Ayurvedic book for more information on how to determine your type and current doshic situation.

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