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Oh...How the Time Fly's...

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Is Death the Final High?



By Virtue Alone Baby!


Just smilen in the Dao...


No real end or start, just infinite moments in time,










To many inhumanities in the World for the War to be Over...


In Hung Ga we say the Iron Root!


Hard like Nails,

Soft as Cotton...

Ever Present and willing to support the Natural Flow of Things!


Marginal Utility???


Hey, I never said I had all the answers!

But by the Core of the Cultivation of Virtue,

I find a never ending existence...

To be Rightesouss in the Lord Alone,

Is to find Immortality!


True Judgement is made in the Heart of Humanities Well Being!






And for all creation to see,

It arose from the Depths of Eternity.

Like a Storm,

Then came a Flood...

And washed away,

the Peril of Society...


What remained,

Was the Ever told Story,

Of Love...


And Peace was found,

as we looked into the future...

Our minds Merged,

I lost myself in you...

Melting in your pure bliss,

I Worship the Lord,

The Holy God,

Of Heaven.

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