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Greeting everyone, I am new to this board but have been a student of Taoism and it's many arts for over a decade. I am an instructor in the art of Ba Gua Zhang. I teach and practice this art on all three levels of health, martial, and meditation. I am also a nationally certified massage and Asian Bodywork Work practioner with my focus being Shiatsu.


I am currently a student of Masters Frank Allen and Tina Zhang; though I will soon be an offical disciple. My goals are to constantly increase my knowledge and skills, as well as those who have interest in the art. I have had enormous benefits from practice and I know I have only begun to scratch the surface. I hope that this forum will help me to reach my goals and attain high levels of, health, consciousness, skill, compassion,and non-dual awareness, while sharing information and knowledge with others who tread the path of the Tao.


I look forward to meeting and learning from all those who inhabit this forum and shar my enthusiasm for the Tao. I am sure I will benefit greatly from the exchange. Until next time,


Peace & Tao


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