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Holy Cross!

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Embedded in your Tomb...


Close your eyes,

Look deep in your Soul...

Step out side yourself,

And let your Mind go...


The Emptiness is not the Dao!

Emptiness is the Wuji...

In the Dao we see the Emptiness as being useful.

Like the Emptiness in a Cup.

Is it not the Emptiness in the Cup that makes it useful?

Or the Emptiness in a house that makes it liveable?


Yes its true! You can get a false Sense of Wuji...

How can you know true Wuji if you have Never been FILLED?

Fill your self with the DAO!

The Dao is The WAY...

The Way is infinite!

Fill to exhaustin,

Then let Go...

Keep filling and filling so you can use the Wu Ji to get Wu Wei.

Then your just Flowing with the DAO!

The Healing Love is the Method...

(The Achemical Principles)


All is Vanity and grasping at the Wind,

But the Fear of the Lord,

is very true!

The light in the Wuji!

Just One Fear!

Fear of GOD and his Commandments...

The Lords Righteousness Lives On...


Eternal and Infinite the Lords Sacred Love...



Inner Smile

Six Healing Sounds

Microcosmic Orbit


Fill the Cup...

Dao is Vast!

Plunge into it and Lose your Rigidity!


GOD is the Eternal Grand DAO Master of the System I teach!


In the Hung Ga we call this The See Gung...


Tiet Kiu Sam

The Iron Wire Fist...


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