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Endurance on the path

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I'm looking for advice from those who have developed some consistant results in energy development. EX: Using a technique that always works wonderfully or creating more "charge".


I'm 22, in my senior year of high school 05/06 era, I was able to develop enough energy in my body to be felt by the more sensitive, and even in return feel those who had some level of development. That's all I'll say about it, my longest meditations only lasted about two hours, I worked alot with the Robert Bruce "NEW" system and was almost constantly working with Reiki, sending and reciving healings and attunements as I taught myself about this crazyness, fun stuff.

About 3 years ago I joined the Military service and I had to restructure my life.. What bothers me is that I feel that I have lost much of that sensitivity and charge, then my 'learning' took new curves and I'm in a stranger realm, but without as much charge and drive as I have been putting much more energy into work and taking care of daily business. Often feeling too tired to meditate after work.

I would like to regain my charge and sort off restart my path, keeping the new stuff I've learned, but also getting back that well of energy I had been creating, slowly but surely..


I went to a Tai Chi Chuan instructor and can remember the majority of the form, not the movments at the very end though, and I cant access youtube from the Gov computers. Ah, well I suppose I can incorportate the last steps later when I can refresh my memory online. ( I really enjoyed that practice, nothing else made me sweat, wear out my legs and at the same time incredibly relax my body, amazing)


I've just about taught myself to constantly breath with my diaphram, its not perfect but I'm doing very well on that front, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add the Mulbandh/Root lock into my walk to start generating, pulling energy into my lower centers.


My favorite meditations used to inlude breath watching until I was so relaxed I either fell into myself, or outside myself. (That second one happend much less often) Or meditating until I could feel my aura expanding and contracting off my skin. I'd then shift my awareness to the energy surrounding my body and let it contract and expand further into myself and outside myself.. Seemed to stregthen it alot.

A mistake I made at first was watching my energy while laying on my back, I would work too often on the sensations on the front of my body and forget the back, or even the sides..


Also, has anyone ran into a website, or person who can send Reiki/Energy healing distantly? Being a Reiki healer myself, and doing that sort of thing distantly has been a joy to me, but really feel the need to ask for a bit of assitance, maybe even pay for an online session from someone with ability. (My own perceptions haven't developed very well regarding that so I prefer taking advice from those who have had good results until I'm learnt enough on my ownsome to determine that without paying in advance to find out I got jipped)

I'm not in the most stressful situation, but I think the healing would help me clear out my mind and concentrate on turning my negetive views on my enviroment around a bit, introspection is slow right now. I'm weaning myself off my old Reiki instructor as much as possible. Its great fun learning together but I already owe him so much I don't want to start going to him for healings too.


If I seem vague or anything needs clarification please let me know. I don't always communicate very well.

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