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Update on the real life Tao Bum!

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So I was out to buy food at restaurants near where I live, and I saw the Tao Bum again (from this post: )


So I missed him because I had to order food, but I saw him again on my way back.


So I spoke to him, I said "This may sound wierd, I remember you from _so_and_so_ and I'm wondering, why is it when I have a thought, you make those wierd motions? (didnt say wierd I imitated the action)"


First he said "i don't know, thats just the way I go with things" then he spun around and backed away during the spin a little and said "For motivation"


His voice sounded very clear to me. I looked at him in his eyes then and they looked very clear as well, the exact colour of the sky above (whereas they were darker in the rain when I met him as i remember), but I noticed fear coming up so then I looked away, at this point he asked "Anything else?"


I said no, then I said "wait" and said, "by how you do things, it makes me think you know, you feel, something deeper" and I dont remember what I said after that, but he jsut said "i don't know" and left, I said good bye, take care, and good luck.


I noticed as I turned away and left that the house in front of which we met had a statue of Buddha in front of it. I had a dream about a week back where this ivory-coloured eerie (yet somehow comforting) figure with circular eyes, mouth, and a fairly round body, and he may have had white-ivory clothes with red accents, sat beside me in class, and said "the buddha is busy in his office now, he will see you soon" I also looked at him at sort of the same way I looked at this man, then the figure disappeared from my dream. No individual thing has ever disappeared from my dreams as far as I can remember, just entire scene changes. It was a first, and interesting both in the form it took and the content.


On my way home I was thinking and started peeling back concepts, as that seems to be what he was getting at, and where I am in my practice, and then I noticed a feeling in my chest coming through.


Like what happened in this post:


With the realization of this new energy, my shoulders, groin, and thighs are now sore... Feeling in my body seems to be exposing pains that I can only assume have been there and unfelt from the past.. If you guys have any insight to shed on any of these things please feel free to do so.

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