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Rahere is a Eurocrat administrator in his 50s. An unaffiliated Christian Taoist (or Daoist Christian), he's been an instigator of social change on a pan-national scale which has written pages of modern history.

Rahere's interest here is to develop his knowledge of early alchemical practice as a sub-text to the Quadrivium/Theological academic norm of the period 600-1560, its origins in the Jewish and Arabic world to 1250, and the transmutation into scientific process between 1560 and 1700. He is allergic to the Romantic inventions of the 19th century on the grounds that they were intended to minimise the less accessible parts of older history by redefining them in the new scientific context. He does not entirely abandon the standards of academic proof through documentation, on the other hand, he does accept independantly corroboative evidence as an alternative to documentation and refutes the thesis that authority is superior to original documentation - all authorities started from source data sometime, it's a subset of the apostolic descent thesis.

Rahere's current studies associate certain modern Vatican claims with the possibility they may have taken physical control over a fundamental item of Jewish heritage.

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