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    Hello, Here in Colorado Springs we have rooms available for people that want to be in a positive environment and learn Longmen Taiji, Bagua, Qi Gong, and meditation. We go mountain biking and gardening as our activities if interested. The home is a recovery home for men and spiritually based not religious. We have normal kitchen, bathrooms and shared rooms. Stay for a week a month or several months call or message for prices and more information. Leave a message and we will get back to you asap. - Elder Randy (Tian Men Pai Head Instructor) 719-287-8825
  2. Welcome to Amsterdam

    I practice since i was 11 some 40+ years ago. Half of the time i had no clue. but i build my skills, even did write some books that were published but that iI would now burn. for 15 years I lived in Wudangshan Travelling with my teacher and learning in direct contact with dao family. I run a school since 1995, but most people consider my practices to much work. I teach and practice acupuncture, massage and dietary practices. I am building a vlog on daoist practices and health called Daoland. It is in dutch, although maybe i should do it in English too. What else can i say? I use theory to support practice. I follow the five rule my first teacher Liu Dong An suggested: 'practice standing, practice movement, practice sitting, practice whirwind, be academic in your study', He also said to 'never practice less than 4 hours per day, never be happy with less than 8', and : 'eat less, sleep less, stay clean, keep feelings and desires inside, and at least appear common'.
  3. A fun deep interview with Hawai'i DJ & musician Ryan Miyashiro.
  4. here you can find a partial translation of a previously untranslated text called da cheng jie yao (essentials of the shortcut to the great achievement), the ite features more information about wudang and daoism, as well as offering a schoalrship for people who are less well-off.
  5. **WUDANG/TMP PART 2 THE CARTOON** I was honored to work with a celebrity cartoon artist Aaron for a short clip. He does the cartoons for Vladtv and other celebrity skits. Sounds and Graphics was by me and Aaron did the art and animation.