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  1. What are all the benefits of wall squats In zhineng qigong they say if you do 100 everyday you can heal every physical health problem - is it true ? can it heal stuff like my dust allergy ? can it improve eyesight ? can this exercise alone help give a person a perfect posture without doing anything else ? what about 50 wall-squats a day ? what about 200 a day ? what are the effect of those ? and how did they reach 100 squats *at a time* (in the book "methods of zhineng qigong) as the recommended amount ? how different in benefits a 100 at a time is than 100 a day ( i know of people who do a 100 a day not a time are they missing out - in case they can do it all a single time ?) ? and for those who did/do it - how do you keep track to do a 100 ? wondering about doing this for as much as i can so extending it to maybe 2 hours a day maybe even 4 or 5 etc - and i wonder if this excerice can stand by its own as a "practice" or its just supplementary does it help in sexual transmutation ? would love to get all the benefits this exercise can have --- would like also above what you know in thoery or heared about this exercise benefits to hear about personal benefits people experienced with this exercise ? also even though its not the main question if someone wants to add tips about best way to do it that can be good too (though main question is about the benefits of it)