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  1. I was contemplating something yesterday. Biologically a human is a collection of gene expressions and there is a drive to pass on those genes. On a rational and social level a human is a collection of idea's and beliefs that form ideologies. Those ideologies are build up from something science calls memes. cfr. for a good easy readable book about memetics theory. It is said in meditation that we are not our body (with it's genes) and we are not our thoughts (with it's memes) Yet we seem to identify with both most of the time. My biggest question is if there is on a spiritual level another packet of information for which we are a vessel but that is not us in essence? As a side note; it feels like the first stages of spirituality or growth seem to have a lot to do with realizing and identifying that we are not are genes or memes. We neither the body, nor the thoughts or ideologies. And we are not the states of consciousness we go through?