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Found 2 results

  1. The last three times I've been to this barber I've felt stabbed in the back: vulnerable in the back, more precisely in the back of my neck, at the base of my head, like someone had hit me with a karate chop, and my head all wobbly with this overwhelming feeling of confusion. I conclude my back aura is weak. There's a weak point at that spot that these hairdressers exploit. It happens way too much to be an accident either. They know what they're doing. I could hardly listen to someone speak after I went yesterday. When someone is standing in front of me usually that never happens because I'm alert but since these people are standing behind me the whole time they're doing what they're doing they can just chip away at my neck whenever they feel like it. After all is done, I have a chance to show myself to them which makes them cower into submission. But from behind, they get away with it.
  2. Hey everyone, I've got a black mark on my third chakra and I need some answers lol. Let me put it into context: I've been seeing a bioenergetic therapist for about 2 years now and as time has gone by I couldn't help but notice a strange black mark on my solar plexus chakra. It came to my attention because that is precisely the chakra I've been working on lately. And what has made itself obvious to me as I progressed through my energy work is that the more I moved forward with what I was doing the more the black mark became increasingly smaller. My therapist says it now has the shape of an "S" or a snake (Kundalini serpent?). What possibly could have happened to me--and it seems more and more likely the more I go into this stuff--is that I have been a victim of black magic, where some individual (Or individuals) have targeted my solar plexus chakra, the seat of your energetic system, and litteraly sucked the life out of me for all these years. Is it a coincidence that the more my energetic levels go up, the less visible the black symbol becomes; and the stronger I become, the less I attract those people who drain my energy levels. It's no coincidence. I've come to the point where I feel the need to discuss this with somebody (Other than with my therapist). I hope I've come to the right place. Thank you for your time. Best regards