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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Paul Christian Kreitz. I'm a student in the online classes of the Dao De Center in Russia, practicing the Yu Xian Pai and Wu Liu Pai methods. I'm an official disciple in the Yu Xian Pai lineage and have practiced for almost 3 years. I'm an instructor for the beginning level practice of the school, called Dao Gong. Dao Gong is similar to Qi Gong in that it works with the body and energy channels simultaneously in order to achieve a balanced energetic state in the body. The main difference from Qi Gong is that the methods are designed to prepare the practitioner for Taoist Alchemical practices. Dao Gong was created by the Head of the Dao De Center using all of his deep knowledge of Alchemy from the Wu Liu Pai and Yu Xian Pai Schools and also Martial Arts and Medicine Schools of China. Its creation was supervised by the Patriarch of the Wu-Liu Pai lineage. I am the only instructor in the United States, so I'm in a unique position where I can offer online classes to anyone in the US due to having a similar timezone. On that note, Michael Fedorov (opendao), my Master, Alexey Khokhlov, as well as my instructor Arkady Shadursky, have been active on The Dao Bums for some time and I'm sure many of you have heard about the Dao De Center. So, if anyone in the US is interested in experiencing the methods for themselves, now is the time to start. I sure hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please write a comment and I'll be sure to answer.
  2. Well a couple of weeks back I biked out and went to the only Buddhist temple listed in the phonebook in my area. I know there are more than a few across the river in Portland, Oregon. But I'm not ready to go on pilgramge yet, so I'm trying to keep it under 40 miles round trip It's listed as the, "US Oregon Buddhist Association" but is really the, "Wei Shei (I probable have this wrong, going from memory) Buddhist Temple. And it's a house in poor repair with a Dish satellite sticking out of the roof. Not very encouraging. However on 18th in Vancouver, WA I did find a strange place that looks like some sort of temple, but there was no sign. It was very well maintained, bright colors, huge state of Buddha (I assume) next to a stone with strange writing on it, and another seated Buddha in meditation at a pool with a lotus flower in front of him. My guess is that this is some sort of Buddhist temple (not a huge stretch of the mind here), but I have no information on it. So is anyone at these forums a monk at either of these places, or do you know about either of them? I'd like to get some more information if I can. Also if there are any other places tucked away and unlisted in this area? Neither of the ones I have mentioned here are listed online at the Dharma Pages or whatever its called. So how do you find your local Buddhist monastary or retreat when they are not listed in the phone book? Is there a listing somewhere of every religious place for each US state, or more specifically a listing of all the known Buddhist centers in Washington? Oh and I would appreciate some good "first visitor" advice. Know I need to be wearing clothes without loud design, shouldn't have perfumes or strongly scented stuff on my body, that sort of thing. But beyond that I don't know general etiquette at all. So I would appreciate some advice, as well as the typical times for a service, in case I just have to bike down there and catch a service to learn more about them. Appreciate the help! - DreamBliss