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  1. True Spirit

    In the Netflix show [season 1 episode 3, ~3:00 minutes in], "Marco Polo", the character One Hundred Eyes is a Daoist Monk in Mongolian Court around the turn of the first millennium AD. The Character Marco Polo, or Latin, is a westerner being taught by One Hundred Eyes. In the show, One Hundred Eyes gives a lecture to Marco Polo; "Supreme skill from hard work" is attained through a variety of ways. "A great poet is said to have reached " true spirit ", the painter, the calligrapher they can be said to have " true spirit. "Even the cook, the one who sweeps steps, or a masterful servant... practice preparation endless repetition, until your mind is weary, until your bones ache, too wasted to breathe. That is the way, the only way, one acquires" true spirit. Exactly why I am confused with true spirit eludes me. Upon watching the short again, true spirit isn't mentioned. for the sake of this post, may we refer to this idea as true spirit? Maybe it is the taiqi book that I am reading. It describes how to refine qi (energy) to shen (spirit). Somehow I interpreted this idea as true spirit through exhaustion. When the body's reflexes fall, spirit may govern the being. I have an eclectic sense of meditation drawn from various sources, however no direct teacher. I've found myself lately meditating more. Would it be wise of me to seek out a teacher, so that I'm practicing properly. One other note to make, just because I am not in direct communication with a teacher (or meeting with a teacher on a regular basis, as One Hundred Eyes met with Latin), I sense that a being is guiding me.