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  1. Hi all, I'm a qigong practitioner and I'm practicing the embryonic breathing meditation since several years learned by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming books and videos. Since few months I've started to practice the small circulation or microcosmic orbit, but I've the following doubt: I know that in winter time it is recommended to increase the Yang side of our energy in order to strenghten the immune system. Using embryonic breathing in practice you have to exhale longer than inhale. But to start to circulate the Qi in the microcosmic orbit or small circulation you need enough Qi stored in your abdomen (Dan Tian). Sometimes I feel lack of Qi in my abdomen and body, very likely because I've not stored enough Qi during spring and summer. So, is it possible to store the Qi also in winter time without weakening the immune system? Can you suggest if it is possible to practice the embryonic breathing to store the Qi also in winter time without getting sick (becoming too Yin)? If you know other kinds of practice/excercise to store the Qi in winter time in order to circulate it with Microcosmic orbit please share it with me. I hope to have been quite clear If you have comments, suggestions or observations about my question please feel free to respond. A warm thanks!