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  1. What is the official terminology for the spiritual eye in Taoist literature? Where can I read more on the Taoist interpretation of this vision? My interpretation of the spiritual eye, which may be wrong or superficial. "The Trinity is reflected as spiritual-physical feature in the physical self, since it is seen as the spiritual eye, a tri-colored pattern of a golden circle surrounding a field of deep blue with a five-pointed star in its center. This is a reflection of the life-energy that enters the medulla oblongata, the negative pole of ego-consciousness, and is seen in the positive pole located between the eyebrows. The golden circle is the higher astral sphere of consciousness, the blue field inside the circle is the sphere of Christ-consciousness and the white center star is the highest sphere of God-consciousness. When this spiritual eye is beheld imperfectly, it is seen as a dim violet light with a faint surrounding circle and center dot."