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  1. Currently my practice is focused on penetrating deeper into the first 2 noble truths - suffering and origin of suffering. Buddha has given numerous ways to penetrate into these, through different perspectives/views/angles. One of the ways/methods/views that i am using is penetrating Buddha's often repeated statement - "In short, the 5 aggregates are suffering/origin of suffering". So, i would like input from those who have spent many years in practice of mindfulness and equanimity/calmness of mind........These are the 5 aggregates i consider : (physical form, feeling, perception/cognition/discrimination, mental formation/fabrication/volition/impulse/thoughts and coinciousness/awareness/the watcher). While it is easy to see how form, feeling and conciousness are suffering and that they are the origin of suffering, i would like to understand more about how perception & volition aggregates are suffering. I can see how these two can be the cause/origin of suffering. I have read the top articles i can find in a search of internet, about five aggregates (khandas), but none i have read go deep into an explanation of how these 2 aggregates are suffering. My practice includes an attempt to see in personal experience how these 5 aggregates are suffering and are in fact the origin of suffering within my body+mind. I need to break into these 2 aggregates, that are eluding my experience, obviously because of my lack of understanding.