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  1. I would like to open a discussion on the topic of 'Which other Qigong or Neigong systems employ a breath sequencing method similar to GM Doo Wai's Flying Phoenix system, and how does this actually work?'. Having actually practiced this system now for the past year or so, I see similarities with certain types of pranayama exercises. From my personal experience, I find that once one has started integrating these breath control sequences, there seems to be an effect on other practices. Despite being, for the most part, a healing art, one effect seems to be the ability to spontaneously enter samadhic meditative states. What I would like to know is why certain systems warn against the use of such breath sequencing or breath control, and precisely what is taking place energetically, physiologically and on more subtle levels? Sifu Dunn claims that it is possible to achieve awakening simply by practicing the Flying Phoenix system. I wonder if this is an accurate statement, and to what extent - if possible to actually awaken in this way - the specific breath sequencing might contribute to this state?