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  1. November 8, 2018 [ This piece is only for secular free thinkers. ] We are sacred beings. Therefore, when others try to "shovel dirt on our graves", they are actually "shoveling dirt on their own graves" unawares. By the time they might be thought to realize what they are doing, it is too late.... Nature traps those who think that men are not gods. However, all beings are sacred. Therefore She provided plenty of "earth" with which to "bury ourselves". This is The Law of Justice operating self-service style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christ's admonition, 'Judge not lest ye be judged' (Matthew 7:1) I paraphrase and articulate as Judge ye not vengefully lest ye be judged by thine own Conscience or The Laws of Nature/God first, and perhaps the laws of men second. The original could be truthfully worded as 'Judge not vengefully lest thou judge thyself so', but most people would not understand what 'judging thyself' means. I have elaborated upon the asserted original with the truthful concept that the Conscience is one's judge, plus the Laws of God and laws of men. However, 'Judge not lest ye be judged' doesn't make perfect sense, as 'to judge' means to form an opinion, and the admonition implies that the questionable judgment must be at least harsh in thought if not vengeful. Perhaps something was lost in many translations, or the church altered the wording. Anyway, because the wording has never made sense to me, and one other thinker noticed this also, I know the addition of the word "vengefully" is justified, at least in the mind of a thinker unconcerned with the church's approval.