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Found 3 results

  1. So many things change over the centuries. There is a constant though: No matter how pragmatic the female human species may be, they will often truly love someone that, in all appearances, are beneath them. To the salvation of many of us males. To the mysteries of the female heart and my wife on her 58th birthday.
  2. faith in humanity

    Man, sometimes I don't see the point anymore. What's the point of helping people if they don't want to help themselves? I see humanity going in a downward spiral. People don't care about the environment- the planet they depend on. All people care about is entertainment and collecting crap they don't need. And having more kids. It's so obvious that overpopulation is becoming a huge problem yet everyone still wants to keep reproducing. I feel I'm supposed to be a healer and a teacher. I want to teach about the Dao. But will anyone listen? I thought about becoming a Zen priest, but I don't know if I can take vows to be compassionate if humanity keeps being so self-destructive. Maybe it's because I'm in the US and I'm surrounded by "lol what war are we gonna start next omg." But occasionally I feel like war is a good thing if only to help control the ridiculous population explosion. I don't know, maybe I'll sell all my stuff and go live in the woods. Anyway, I don't know if this is the right place to post this. I'm not trying to vent only, so it's not exactly a journal. I would like some opinionated discussion on this.
  3. You people have got me thinking about 'Salvation' lately. What does it mean to be 'saved' ?. I hear alot of 'Christian' people tell me Jesus saves but they give no explanation other than needing 'faith'. I know of (Chrisitan) masters that can assist people towards salvation after they have passed on. I know of the buddhist deal with repect to ending the cyle of death/rebirth - i.e. I believe its getting to at least the 4th plane in waking life and making your way from there. So, to me, is seems that merely becoming aware of where to go after death enables you to get there after death. But, if you cant become aware of those realms that exisit in the after life, Jesus/Christ is a good fallback plan for helping you to get there. Now, I notice from experience, that its almost impossible to move from lower planes to higher planes on your own. Just by 'willing' ascension through your own effort on the other side seems impossible (but maybe not improbable). The question then arises, can you ever know for sure that you are guaranteed to reach heaven or break the cycle of death/rebirth while in waking life ? Is it just a matter becoming aware of where to go or does one require assistance of some sort ie., help from the other side or help from a conscious master on this side ? Incidentally, I recall a youtube video of one guy who was taken to a plane of existance 'a hell' as he describes it and could not, by any effort of his own, get himself out of it. He was fully conscious and the experience was very real. This one was a Christian based story by the way.