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  1. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    I am new to spiritual practice, I read few books about buddhist tantra, hindu tantra, daoism and I found some similarity in practices. From my point of view hindu tantra is very disciplined and ritual based, buddhist tantra is almost same but more mysterious and both of them emphasize on supernatural powers comes with the practices although in both practices say those powers are not the true outcome of the practice but side effects, true outcome is liberation. Daoist practices are seems more subtle to me but there are similarities, both tantra and Daoism emphasizes on inner practices, self awareness, self acceptence rather than outer rituals and dogma.Three granthis of yoga-three dantian of daoism, kriya yoga-microcosmic orbit seems cut from the same cloth. But after reading texts of an unpopular doctrain of buddhaism known as sahaja buddhaism(charyapada,dohakosh, doha of Saraha, ganges mahamudra of Tilopa ) I felt I am reading the teachings of Dao de jing and zhang ji especially zuang ji.