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Found 2 results

  1. Constant head pressure

    Hi everyone, I was happy to found this forum. Unfortunately quite unprepared without proper knowledge I developed habit to meditate on daily basis by using guided meditations on youtube. I even used guided Kundalni meditation(at that time didn't know what it was) made by US company Brain Sync among many other meditations. I have gained severe head pressure that remains in my head for more then nine months and it is destroying my life , I desperately seek for help. You can't even imagine what have I tried already both traditional and alternative medicine but still fail to provide any relief. Recently I discovered Qigong and started with classes and from today I will restart acupuncture treatments . Still I am afraid since this is really severe that I will need more. I do have great expectations from Taoist practice and even tried to reach out Master Chia but he fails to respond to my mails and his stuff are offering to me rejuvenation treatments which are not concrete in terms whether it would target my issue. Please help what to to, to whom should I address! I need to fix this as soon as possible as my life is deteriorating and not sure how much I can handle it. Being thankful in advance
  2. I'm starting to recognise...maybe it is my career that is messing me up. Evidently, what we choose to do daily, is the practice that shapes us into what we are. I've been in entertainment, full time, for nearly 5 years, but my anxieties have really been present for almost 10. It was easy when I was young...I was sheltered and had little responsibility. I was still in the same field (about to leave school so still developing) when I started losing sleep and I guess that was because I realised, but would never admit to myself, that I was setting myself up for lack of stability and a lot of stress. All for the purpose of "doing something fun with my life". I think the fun has been over ridden. Last year was the best, but this year, things have quietened down and I feel like I'm back to stage one. I now inevitably practice mindlessness every day, because I am desparate for clients. Phone calls here and there, one half-sent email, there goes my twitter, then more calls, finish that email etc etc. It's all "business related", but scrappy as hell. I'm on a TV set tomorrow and I don't even know what time I start and finish until late afternoon today. How can one ground oneself with a lifestyle like this?? Nothing is focused, there is too much juggling and I don't think I'm alone in the world here. At the same time, I could carry on with all those in the same boat and we could all be mindless wrecks together, or I could exit stage right and take a new path. If anybody else has been in my shoes, I would love to hear from you. Bless.