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Found 4 results

  1. I have been talking to someone for a little while. It seems as if she is somewhat sensitive, I guess is the best word for it. She told me, in her final email to me (long story, not going into it) that if I go to California I should do so by bus. One that has a bike rack on it. Go to Ouija, CA, Bike around there. If I do not do this, if I bike all the way down, I will, "...not live past this year..." OK, before you tell me to take the predictions of mediums with a grain of salt, and go into the infinite and unknown nature of the future, let's play a game. Just for informative purposes. Let's just say that her prediction is correct. In so far as my current circumstances and responses will lead down this most likely path, and unless something life changing happens, this is the most likely outcome for me. still with me? This is telling me two things: 1. I am currently vibrating at a frequency that is drawing this event to me. 2. If I think, "OH MY F-ING GOD I AM GOING TO DIE!!!" I will bring it even quicker, because I will be vibrating even more at that frequency. Here is the problem... For a variety of reasons I don't care about my life. I have no reason to live that is stronger than that. I should be scared. I should be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But if I were to do any running, how I currently feel, it would be on bike, as quickly as possible, to this outcome. I have dealt with feelings of loneliness, shame, unworthiness, etc. for the last two decades. I feel I have little value, little to offer. I know, intellectually, differently. But my feelings do not match my thoughts. At least not consciously. Somewhere in the record player of my mind there is a scratched section that keeps repeating. I have hinted and downright mentioned all this before. I won't go into it more now. As I have said before, I don't believe in destiny, fate, karma, imperfection or sin. I think there are an unknown and unknowable variety of paths that stem from this moment. The idea of some path that is set in stone for me is ludicrous to my mind. I also feel that both death and life are illusions. Death is just a transition. So there is nothing to fear here. Yet despite how I feel about my life, at this moment I am not exactly in a rush to end it. Also, while I can take a lot of physical discomfort, I don't like it. So slicing my wrists or walking in front of traffic doesn't appeal to me. Same for jumping off of high places or hanging myself. Same for drowning, although that would probably be the least painful. Ideally I will go out in some really cool way, like during an Ayahuasca trip in the South American jungle somehwere... Here is some really trippy music for you: No, I kinda want to continue on. Even though I have no justification or reason for it. It is not that I am attached to this physical life or resisting pain. It's just that there are some things I would like to experience and see. So what is my best course of action here, presuming this prediction is 100% accurate and will happen, barring some life-changing/course changing event? How do I find a reason to live that is stronger than all the things I am feeling that leave me not caring about my life? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you face this head on? Change course around it in some way? Run away from it? Please detail why you would take your chosen course of action or inaction. How can I find what essentially, for me amounts to, a super-strong reason to live? Especially considering I don't have one now, and obviously I have to deal with that, or I will draw the termination of my physical life through me, if not from others than from myself.
  2. Predictions for the future. The first rule of Prediction Club is there are no rules for prediction club, except these: Rule 1, Include sort of time table. When will the thing might happen or some sort of schedule. Rule 2, Try to make it some what exact. Too fuzzy and a prediction is worthless, ie I predict a war in the middle east; wow what are the odds, be more exact with who and a rough time table. Rule 3. Keep it civil. son of a bitch, I meant to put this in Off Topic.. moderator?? later edit> thank u.
  3. Nostradamus Centuries X

    Nostradamus, Centuries X Video- In Search of Nostradamus with Leonard Nimoy- Nostradamus is one of the most famous Psychic visionaries who made many prophecies for the current times. Not a lot is known for certain about him, but it is believed that in a dark room at night, he would meditate on his reflection in a bowl of water next to a lit candle, and visions of the future would come to him. He is known for predicting the death King Henry the second, The London Fire of 1666, predicted the coming of Napoleon and named him, The coming of Adolph Hitler and named him, and many others. One of his most famous prophecies was concerning events on a specific date, July 1999. Here is a good article about Nostradamus- A Magnificent Time – These Days in Prophecy | Pureinsight Centuries Nostradamus Index The Great Mr. Li Hongzhi explains the meaning of this very famous prophecy- Here's the specific date. 1999 July 1999
  4. Millennials Rising on C-SPAN

    Interesting to look back now today at what was predicted back then-