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Found 2 results

  1. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    I would like to stop having wet dreams / nucturnal emissions ... and would like to hear all the ways to stop wet dreams (one way i think might help reduce it is to reduce to minimum sexual stimulation like sexual images - but that alone isnt enough i heared one about keeping your hui yin point drawn up all day (perineum area) but thats hard for me to do and i cant do it yet ... so still seeing if there are more ways to stop wet dreams ) im asking of course about wet dreams when i dont have any sex or masturbation - if someone is intrested about the reasons i want to stop having wet dreams its cause i dont want to lose jing and dont like the underwear and bed sheets getting dirty - where each reason is good enough alone to want to stop it ............. !! I dont want to disscuss here about whether or not wet dreams are good or not !! - if you think wet dreams are fine thats great (maybe i will even open another thread about that) , but thats not what im asking here - so please dont talk about it cause it will derail the thread - So please only post about ways techniques to stop (or at least reduce) wet dreams
  2. Hey everyone! I've been training very hard and I want to progress as quickly as possible but I've run into a bit of a road block. I am required to take at least 72 hours off of training every time I ejaculate whether it be while I'm awake or asleep because if I don't it would result in a torn dan tien. This used to not be that much of a problem since I rarely had nocturnal emissions and as I'm not married I don't have sex. However for the past couple weeks I've been having wet dreams every 2-4 days and can rarely get a day of training in. Usually as soon as my three day break is almost up, I lapse again and have to take three more days off. This is really annoying because I'm really motivated and anxious to progress and rarely being able to train is killing my progress! I've done a bunch of research but usually the best advise people give to have less wet dreams is to masterbate or have sex. This does me absolutely no good, because the point is to not ejaculate regardless of the way you do it. I have found a few tips like sleeping on your side with one leg on top of the other and that not staying warm helps (sounds a little bit miserable), but does anyone else have any ideas that might help?