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Found 2 results

  1. So I've recently come to discover that due to cosmic rotations, all of our astrology is completely out of date. So we're not in Leo, and the New Age isn't Aquarius it is actually Capricorn? I'm here to get a larger opinion base, it doesn't seem like something so clear and precise could be based on falsehoods. I've refrained from sharing this discovery with my friends who still use their horoscopes and star charts to understand and map their lives, but that's more because I want to understand what's going on below the surface. I know my sign-Cancer had a lot of truths that resonated with me, especially as a contrast to my brother's sign Leo. Our 'planets' were the Moon and Sun respectively, and it is just a perfect representation of our dynamic and respective personas. Very interested in what long-term esoteric practitioners have to say about this
  2. I find this fascinating! Interesting website and interesting opinions. From my experience, I can see how this can be true, but I am still skeptical about it all. But this is great! Thoughts?