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Found 6 results

  1. Latest Movie Seen

    I have 2 teenage sons, so I definitely see all the superhero movies. We saw Amazing Spiderman 2. Watchable, but not likeable. Plot seemed sluggish, actions scenes used a dark, cutaway style that is hard to follow. Even watching him swing through the air seemed more raggedy. Amazing Spiderman 1, was okay to good, not as good as the first 2 Spiderman'szz. Also saw Godzilla at an Imax 3d. Not a hit with any of us. Modern 3d comes off darkening the whole film and often used gratuitously and they confused loud sounds with drama. Worse Godzilla didn't have a lot of personality. For goodness sake he spend days swimming in the ocean with 2 navy ships seemingly 25 feet away on both sides. What kind of self respecting monster allows himself to be followed that closely for so long? Its like he's a trained seal. Especially since the ships plan to nuke him when he's done swimming across the ocean. The monster villains seemed generic and uninspired. I enjoyed the Snicker candy bar commercials showing Godzilla more then the movie. A movie I wanted to see, but has left the area is Only Lovers Left Alive. A philosophical vampire flick. oh well. Any reviews?
  2. Full length movie Zen: Life of Master Dogen:
  3. ...

  4. Donnie Yen arts

    Does Donnie Yen do any other arts besides Wing Chun?
  5. My Reincarnation C N Norbu

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has seen the movie called "My Reincarnation" ? Comments? Thanks. TI