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Found 7 results

  1. Solaris (1972) Andrei Tarkovsky (Russian) Director based on a book by Stanislaw Lem (Polish territory, now part of Ukraine) “When i sleep, i know no fear, no hope, no trouble, o bliss. Blessings on him who invented sleep; the common coin that purchases all things; the balance that levels shepherds and kings, fool and wise man. There is only one bad thing about sound sleep, they say it closely resembles death” ~ Gibarian “We have no interest in conquering any cosmos. We want to extend the earth to the borders of the cosmos. We don’t know what to do with other worlds. We don’t need other worlds. We need a mirror. We struggle for contact, but we’ll never find it. We’re in the foolish human predicament of struggling for a goal that he fears, that he has no need for. Man needs Man.” ~ Snaut . . . . . i am relatively new here and was interested to know if any of this resonates “we need a mirror” stands out in my mind
  2. Latest Movie Seen

    I have 2 teenage sons, so I definitely see all the superhero movies. We saw Amazing Spiderman 2. Watchable, but not likeable. Plot seemed sluggish, actions scenes used a dark, cutaway style that is hard to follow. Even watching him swing through the air seemed more raggedy. Amazing Spiderman 1, was okay to good, not as good as the first 2 Spiderman'szz. Also saw Godzilla at an Imax 3d. Not a hit with any of us. Modern 3d comes off darkening the whole film and often used gratuitously and they confused loud sounds with drama. Worse Godzilla didn't have a lot of personality. For goodness sake he spend days swimming in the ocean with 2 navy ships seemingly 25 feet away on both sides. What kind of self respecting monster allows himself to be followed that closely for so long? Its like he's a trained seal. Especially since the ships plan to nuke him when he's done swimming across the ocean. The monster villains seemed generic and uninspired. I enjoyed the Snicker candy bar commercials showing Godzilla more then the movie. A movie I wanted to see, but has left the area is Only Lovers Left Alive. A philosophical vampire flick. oh well. Any reviews?
  3. Full length movie Zen: Life of Master Dogen:
  4. ...

  5. Donnie Yen arts

    Does Donnie Yen do any other arts besides Wing Chun?
  6. My Reincarnation C N Norbu

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has seen the movie called "My Reincarnation" ? Comments? Thanks. TI