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  1. i would like advice, on how to best deal with this. I have an issue of going into other peoples bodies, or otherwise said creating instances of what it is like to be as the other person and then creating an imprint of the experience so what happens is: -i see a person on my computer screen lying on their back with their legs up in the air. i will feel what it is like, to be lying on my back and physicly feeling a bed suppprting me under my back, and what it is like to physicly use my my muscles to have and keep my legs in the air, while in actuality im sitting on my chair looking at a person doing this on tv. -i will see a woman, walk in a kind of seductive feminine jessica rabbit hip swinging way putting her legs and i will feel what it is like to walk in that way, and how to actually place my feets crossed legged in front of eachother having a hipsway. i actually know how to do this now, while not actually walking in that way -now if i were to watch porn, well it gets a bit uncomfortable, i will taste things and feel things im not looking to feel or taste. and if say a finger were to go somewhere i will feel it in my body. it has various degrees, i can go all the way or il just have the general sense but not to much detail. taste for example would be alot of detail. or i can just have a hint of what it is like without very noticable physical sensations but still having a sense of it. ive also had instances where i dont have it at all or almost not at all ive had degrees of this for a longer time the last 8 months ive had a nervous system issue - where there goes electricity underneath my footsoles and up on the frontside and it affects my brain made it foggy and impaired. and because of that i could not apply pressure or interfere as much with what pattenrs werre running. and it instantiated to kind of to new heights because i just kinda had to let it all go in whatever way it went for months. and go it went. what advice, perspectives etc can you offer whats going on here? and especially how do you recommend i resolve this? so a couple things on my mind: -definatly im not thuroughly grounded in my own body and my senses and just my body and my senses -this happens when watching tv and not so much or heaviliy and uncontrolled when outside in activity with a world happening around me and exercising my body. the world forces me more into my senses. i do have issues of being to stuck in my head and feeling disconnected while being outside -ive had groundedness issues for a longer time im not imbodied as much as i want at all my body is not alive as much as i want. and to much in my head -it seems like i have somatic bridge between what i perceive and then able to feel it in my body. micro muscle modelling. its a good skill for faster aquiring physical skills. thats happening involuntarily the first thing i would think off is starting a mindfullness practice - with a focus on my body senses. for example playing a sound and then focussing all my attention on the what my ears are perceiving, then what my body is feeling, then go do the breathe in my nostrils, or how my belly moves i havent been able to do this - because anything eyes closed would make the electricity issues enhance its gotten alot less through. i think i should be able to do some mindfullness now. though it wont be perfect untill i have my nervous system issue completely resolved. what other practices are there? toughts, ideas, advice anything is welcome. lets talk!