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  1. Please give respect to the masters and helpers who diligently work to cultivate us seekers of the 'Way' at thedaobums: Pleas remember: If any of my postings or comments offend you, let me know and I will delete or rewrite the offending parts. A private message will stay private. thanks THE WRITING IN THIS ONE BIG AREA ALL DRAFTS: Spirit Quest England DRAFT: Spirit Questing General attached I started late October, I had finally found a spell that would get me in touch with the genius loci in London England area I now had all that I needed for my upcoming spirit quest during which I hoped to make contact with some of my relatives spirits & uncover my hidden past. I had written a post about this particular spirit quest as I was getting more deeply involved, but parts of my investigation into the spirits of my past just kept bringing in new information until I decided to rewrite a post on it in the hope of making more sense out of the whole thing. I am still receiving physical world input from the posterity of the followers of Gwyn ap Nudd. they have understood the information that I presented to the blue faced spirit questers that I addressed on my journeying into their realm, and they as a whole have turned to live in the present and began to look to the future with hope instead of dis-paring over the past. I know this by their posting positive affirmations and poems with future hope. addendum to post: "" "" Spirit Questing General (During a post mainly talking about being awake I was asked to write something about spirit questing) In my current situation I have gained much cultivation from becoming a daobum forum member. If I am awake or not the desire to help others is just there. Fortuitously I do not have a lot of academic knowledge, just decades of experience. I am not a sage (as some spirit visitors recently asked) by my definition, and I only laughingly do I use the title mage because my experiences are all based on working what is called spirit magic-hence the term/handle mage. (I am being schooled at DBs, by the input and view of much larger then me) Am I awake? Some of the tests of my abilities that I have taken were judged by a goop of fiscal pears along with a master and a second. But even that could have been a dream. Again the pain/cold/exhaustion during some spirit quests seams real. One example: I had my guts exploded by a *wound received during a spirit quest which resulted in all of my blood coming out both ends of me all at once, this one is verifiable because I was taken to the hospital with 0 blood pressure. My *Dr. had checked my stomach some time before and said no ulcers, after I survived everyone said oh you must have a bleeding ulcer (a natural explanation, so I thankfully agreed). In the beginning I had a teacher that for some reason befriended me , when I was moving to a different town we shook hands and had a exchange of sorts, afterwards I was able to go on my first full spirit quest, and I ran across him years later he told me that he used to hat sparrows messing up his perfect garden and that he would destroy their nests in his beautiful yard. But after that weird hand shake that we both remembered he began to love and nurture the sparrows similar to the way I feel about them. *in my experience sometimes a traumatic event that big sometimes acts like throwing a pebble in a pond, the ripples go both back and forward in time, so I cold feel something was coming before it actually hit me. In my experience entering into the unseen world is done through training practice and experience. Practicing one or more of the martial arts and other types of focuses found within thedaobums forum on controlling body movement and energy movement is so important. I thank all of those who have recently visited me, and for the tribute. I hope for great things toward all here at thedaobums, being like a grain of sand can sometimes be a pain to others, I hope to add value and not offense by posting my visualizations. Try limping along on one shoe: A young energy mover was dejected after having spent years searching all over his country for a teacher that matched his desires. He finally found a old mage who was reported to have the ability to teach him what he needed to learn. After being asked by the young energy mover to teach him how to properly align his destiny several times. The old mage finally spoke and humbly stated, I have discovered that my words do not teach only life experience teaches. For a hundredth times the young energy mover, half heatedly asked the old sage, 'then where in the world can I find a teacher who matches my need to learn these things? 'There are non, said the old mage, after many years of questing my teachers came to me from the unseen world, they only taught me because they needed a person who they viewed as desperate enough to accept the obligation and incur the debt of their teachings. 'By working in incredible circumstances over many decades, continued the old mage I paid my teachers back little by little for their teachings sometimes by acting as a facilitator within the physical realm on their behalf and by performing whichever actions they needed to be done by a person in the physical realm, I did this until my obligation was fully paid. 'So, said the old mage, because there needs to be human(s) who reside within the physical realm in a position to facilitate the doings of necessary actions and world service. These actions always begin as the seeds of need in the physical realm, making a reason for such human(s) to exist. 'Do you want to become, a changer of destiny, if you like to call it that? Also consider that while there may be a few others who are performing the same type of facilitation, that these few are Not required to perform actions according to what You call Good, only You can choose to do that. ' I thought that you said that there were no teachers who could teach me inquired the young energy mover? 'That is correct said the old mage, in my experience: each coalition of beings in the unseen world have different requirements toward the performing of actions by their human associates and of what they call good. I was fortunate to be trained by a coalition that was aligned with an acceptable level of what I call good. This is why it may become your opportunity to learn to do the type of internal creation which aligns with what I call 'changing your story to change your destiny. 'You see there are no others who will aid you in obtaining the experiential knowledge of this type of internal creation exactly the way that I do, garf, garf, added the old sage. 'You are saying that there are other teachers inquired the young energy mover? 'No, no said the old sage, I told you that to learn any of the forms of internal creation it is required that you have exacting experiential knowledge, that I alone can Lead You into obtaining that knowledge for yourself, and that non others in this world can teach You with any great effect while they are using just words, they can lead only lead you into teaching yourself, but in my experience: even that path ends in incompleteness for You, only the obtaining experiential knowledge can serve to complete you into the true preference of destiny that You desire. 'There are none for You, said the old sage for the second time, responding to a look on young energy movers face, as I have told you my teachers were from the unseen world, they only taught me because they needed a person who was desperate enough to accept the obligation and incur the debt of their teachings. However I am considering the possibility of attempting to assist you for the sake of this world's current needs in my opinion there are too few mages who are within what I consider to be the good balance, so I will consider doing this, not because of obligation, because I have completely paid my debt to my teachers, but because of my current viewings of things as they are in relationship to our collective minds experiences as they are unfolding in a way that is somewhat effecting my personal comfort within this human experience. The young energy mover looked at the old mage in astonishment marveling at his strange understandings. As he continued to talk to this old wind bag of a mage, little by little the young energy mover perceived that the old mage seemed to be inching toward agreeing to teach him or at least show him the way to receiving the experiential knowledge that he needed to achieve his goals. The old mage seaming to read his mind, said, 'once again I say I cannot teach you, with many words but only by changing your current life story which contains the words describing your past destiny as it has been revealed so far and which You will observe as it changes within the frame work of our efforts. Like throwing a pebble into a still pond the ripples of destiny will flow in all directions past and future, these ripples also contain the power to instigate the desired changes, If you know how to ride them and work with the power that they contain, this is only accomplished by the attaining of. The old sage paused in his rampage of speech and looking at the young energy mover said in a demanding voice: Say it with me know, Experiential Knowledge. 'But what about my destiny said the young energy mover. You are what is called your destiny, and this has always been within your own reach said,' the old mage knowingly, but to change your destiny always takes two to start, for now I am one and you are one, once you are properly prepared you and yourself will be the two, one in the physical you when awakened and one the functional energy/spirit body when you are asleep or meditating, for example let's say that you were to get married and have children, the act of Choosing to join with another is a powerful changer to your destiny which destiny will remain fluid but harder to maneuver because it has become heaver in size. 'You will discover that your destiny is actually the Story of the greatest version of you. Using this greatest version of you as a sounding board is how by writing the words of your story then gradually changing them to match the greater evolving description of you, as you feel directed by the experiential knowledge that you gain by patiently practicing the observing of your past destiny as you make subtle and correctable changes to it. This is how that you will place your selves in the positions to learn all manner of the other worlds truths, and this you who is very early in life if you choose to walk the path that I have walked where you will be seen and addressed by my original unseen world teachers. What! interrupted the young energy mover as if waking from a concentrated trance, through which he was listening and ingesting every word spoken by the old mage, am I incurring debt to them through your, he paused not wanting to say teachings, then said your assistance. No, laughed the old sage, 'that's is so funny, my old unseen world teachers and others will only see a trained You as a opportunity to save themselves time and effort. 'To continue said the old mage for You to become part of a continually altering destiny due to my continued recreating my own path that orders my activities to match the rhythms of earth's destiny path which is 'always changing 'within its spear of influence', but always seaming to remain the same on the 'outside on the outside of its area of influence'. 'Is being in rhythm and intertwined with the earth's destiny a great relief or burden asked the young energy mover? Yes it can be both, said the old sage smiling,' to me it seamed heavy to start, then it becomes lite once you have obtained the experiential knowledge. I will except the debt for you training said the young energy mover bravely. No debt said,' the old sage laughing, your debt will be to yourself for indulging your desires, that have served to placed you in the way of the discovery of my path which is difficult and uncomfortable to achieve. 'But said the young energy mover, you said that your burden is light. Yes, said the old sage,' light now, but to achieve my path you have to recreate yourself into becoming inside out and releasing your higher self into your true reality, which action may seem impossible to you know, but will be considered simple once you have achieved the experiential knowledge that goes along with it. 'OK, said, the young energy mover hopefully, when can we start? We have already started said, the old sage, concentrate on your third eye and perceive your 1000 petal lotus. After a moment of concentration 'OK, said, the young energy mover, I am perceiving my 1000 petal lotus. 'Now said, the old sage look further just above the flowering of your lotus. The young energy mover, stood for a moment, paled wobbled and then he fainted. When the young energy mover, came to the first thing that he saw was the old sage smiling down at him. I, I saw, 'stuttered the young energy mover a knife sticking straight up from the inside of my head and out through my 1000 petal lotus. Yes said the old sage laughing, that was a most impressive display, I was delighted that you had the power to view it so soon after you manifested it. This was good for me because I did not have to baby you through the process. I call the knife looking item; your first feather, it serves to increase your perception of a higher plane while at the same time it reveals to all beings from the unseen world, that you are a walker of the deep path. Seeing this feather looking spear will cause many with the sight to respond to you as one of their own, showing you respect as long as you act worthy of that respect. This feather looking item is also a aspect of your higher self which will be revealed more fully to you as you progress and gain more experiential knowledge within the unseen world. How do I keep the respect of the beings in the unseen world eagerly asked the young energy mover? For instance Laughed the old sage, a good start is to not pass out like you did when you perceived the light feather sticking out of your 1000 petal lotus. Although I would have been amazed at you if you did not pass out, 'from all of the life energy that I was projecting into you at the time' 'Do not be ashamed, I have experienced many people passing out the first time that they see a being or a thing poop out in front of them and it does not look like anything that is normally observed in this world. That is how I think that so many religions get started, he said laughingly. The old mage continued to laugh at his own humor and was now seaming to be in a great mood and then the old mage said, 'If you come back tomorrow we will start a conversation on another aspect of the magnitude of what you are asking me to assist you in accomplishing for yourself. The next day the young energy mover came back and was greeted by the old sage with the same words: 'I have discovered that words do not teach, said the old sage Again. The young energy mover slumped, fearing that his desires to learn the art of internally creating had been derailed once again. With lowered head he began to walk away. 'The old sage seeing the young energy movers tears of frustration, decided that even though the young energy mover mite not yet have the presence of mind to persevere his endurance through the full process, but decided that he at least has the heart for it. 'So, said the old mage loudly while peeking at the young energy mover out of the corner of his eye. The he half mumbled to himself, 'half is better then nothing'. The young energy mover hearing the loud So from the old mage , quickly turned on his heel and began looking at the old mage hopefully. The old mage gave the young energy mover a appraising look, and said, 'take off one of your shoes and throw it away. The young energy mover responded, then the old mage said to the young energy mover, 'You will be called Half, do you accept this humble name. 'Yes, said the young energy mover looking hopeful. Then the old mage, quick as lightening, pounded his clenched fist into the ground so hard that the young energy mover took a step back and almost lost his footing. The old sage pulled his fist out of the soft earth, and looking at the young energy mover, stated calmly, the path for you is cast. Run away and do not come back or step across the whole that I have just created until You know that it is time to do so. The young energy mover swallowed down his fear and stepped forward placing his foot across the fist sized dent in the ground. 'Good said the old mage, because you are only Half said the old mage, if you become only about gaining the powers that go with the practice of destiny adjustment then this path that I have set will be most difficult for You as my path has been. The old sage continued, you must forget all about gaining the power associated with destiny changes. If you do not then as you are being turned inside out to birth your functional spirit/light body you will notice, and then the pain will be uncomfortable, keep the thoughts of future creations as are your feather, your lifeline, your hope, not the power. Wont I die said the young energy mover who was clearly shaken by this turning inside out business. May be said the old mage, but you need to focus on the incredible possibilities of your future life wherein you do not die, for a time, the old mage chuckled. Now leave me said the old mage and do not bother to come back until you have dreamed of meeting yourself. Then return here to explain what occurred during this dream or vision, oh, added to old mage his voice fading out and don't fall into the canyon that I believe is going to be located quiet near to this area in the future. The young energy worker seeing that the old mage was gone walked away shaken but smiling, and limping on his one remaining shoe. :-) Note: this story represents the beginning passage/initiation of a person attempting to learn how to change their destiny. It is also necessary to mention the importance of taking passage/initiation into the unseen world. There are many formulas for this sort of internal creation/recreation of self. This visualization represents only one type of formula. In the dictum provided by mystical historical documents actions of destiny, recreation resembling this story have been hinted at, but they seem to have been corrupted in their clarity. *'In my experience: certain initiations are not allowed by beings who consider themselves to have Authority over such matters and these generally seem to desire to only allow those who they consider worthy allies to proceed in the practice of initiating/evolving', while other beings who have achieved a expanded state of evolution seam to care less, or may even help those who are Attempting the internal creation of a functional spirit body, that stimulates evolution. Why did I finally making a final draft of the above visualization? What efforts do you think are involved in: Making adjustments to your destiny? Who do you think is the young energy movers teacher? What does a visualization about how to adjust destiny have to do with creating a functional spirit body? *In my experience: during the three/four blood moons that were recently viewed mainly within the southern hemisphere of the earth, there was observed by the interested, a change in management of what is called by some called a earth chakra or point of power. The new arrangement in my opinion has served to cancel out in part or whole the blockage of new unseen world transcending/initiations by those who are able. end Old Info: The Evolution of a spiritual db Note: the comments in the thread from the title above: some how turned into comments on unconditional love and the visualization below: Some of you may know that I 'for lack of a better word', sometimes mention that I am a mage, 'mocking laughter form unseen sources', Some of you may know that I use a bubble system, 'long story', anyway a 6x foot tall 400+ lbs fellow comes over to my house unannounced and as he enters through the door and passes through my domain bubble in broad daylight his spirit lights it up bigger then life, at first I thought that this meant all kinds of not good. In the not two distant past having delt with bigger then him, and prior to lots of cultivation, I would have gone into fight or flight, and I would have given him a really bad time. So without any external or spirit reason a wave/feeling of 'unconditional love or whatever came over me'. The short of it is by the time he left, we had talk magic/spirits and martial arts, 'the only subjects that I seam to be able to carry a viable conversation in', and all became worm and fuzzy between us'. If you can put a better label on that type of feeling then please do, "I may use it in the future. Thanks if you read this post. from a post about shadow people: memories (the 'original point' to this long winded story was to demonstrate what is frequently looked upon as a shadow person, that is changed by a sourcer into a totally white light avatar and his tiny tupla, which in this case happens to resemble a flat spider with a lot of legs, this white light avatar is the product of a technique unknown to me, but what I do know is that it involves a incredible amount of work/ritual/focus to create one and a small Mountain of high quality sun charged crystals). An old mage had but trained one student within the many decades of his life, then after a couple of decades the student seeming ready, he was asked by the old mage, to let him call a old sourcer over to the students house, the old mage wanted to do this so that he could collect a group of spirits that he the old mage had left for several decades in the care of this old sourcer for safe keeping until he the old mage had finish a couple of really difficult spirit quests that sent him traveling about the various lands of the world. Just then the old mage having previously contacted the old sourcer 'that he the old mage was know requiring the old sourcer to deliver his hard earned spirits back to him'. While at the home of the old mages one student, the old sourcer simply appeared before the student and the old mage within the living room. Quickly the old mage made a sign of greeting to the old sourcer then just as quickly and without saying a word he reached out and slapped the old sourcer on the cheek the old sourcer promptly pooped out of the living room. When the startled student, 'who he had always known to be against starting duels', 'asked the mage 'what just happened', the old mage simply said: 'the old sourcer hadn't brought my spirits with him to give them back to me, this means that he the old sourcer is unlikely to ever give up the power of that many spirits without a fight', the old mage continues 'but now that he has been challenged the old sourcer will soon be cumming back with every spirit that he has. the old mage seeing that the student was pail with fright, said 'don't worry I recently quested about his the old scourers domain and discovered through questioning the genius loci of the area that he has increased his power by binding and abusing some of the spirits that are in his charge. I am sure of our good karma and spirit support in this matter, and that we will easily defeat him.' Now student you need to know that after I first defeat him at my domain and get my spirits back, thus taking away much of his spirit support, that I will see to it that he also approaches you next. The young mage paled and took a step aback. That is why I made sure that he knew where you lived by challenging him right here in your living room' the old mage chuckled. 'Thanks a lot said the growingly unconformable student. Then added the old mage 'It is important that without my help when he comes over to you soon after visiting me, you must make him retreat from your house' how said the student. 'However you can' said the old mage smiling contently, it is your initiation after all. Just use your training added the old mage this victory will then grant you a win needed as part of your initiation. When completed you will gain the use of tools and one totem/spirit anchor, so that you can continue in your preparation to obtain a profession within the unseen world.' The next evening at the old mages domain\house, the sourcer came wearing a white light avatar and with all of the forces that he could muster. The avatar in general form looked like one of the stereo types frequently reported by some as a shadow man that are generally seen to look about humanoid with a ring around their head like a halo that gives them a silhouette that looks something like someone is wearing a straight rimed bowler hat. Upon appearing the avatar wielding what appeared to be a long spindle with several small vortexes rapidly spinning around it. Immediately charged the old mages front door with his wooden spinning spindle staff held in front of him like a ram. He hit the front door of the old mages house with a bang. Fortunately having anticipating a frontal assault the old mage had especially prepared the front door for this visit so that it would open just enough to teas the old sourcer into thinking that he might somehow gain entrance. Hiding safely behind his enchanted steal front door the old mage simply casually with the old sorcerer through the portal of the avatar about old times and his desire to get his extra spirits returned to him. As the seconds ticked by the old sources began began suspecting that the old mages stalling would lead to a trap Old mage through the partially opened door heard clearly the old sorcerer yell 'we have been burned, signaling to the supporters 'in his physical location' to help him to withdraw the avatar'. The old mage peeking through a window next to the door could clearly see the avatar of the the old sourcer throw down the enchanted spindle that he was using as a staff , then the avatar and the spindle faded away making their getaway. The spirits that had been bound by the old sources to totems and that had been spelled to create the vortexes around the wooden spindle, were suddenly freed. They set into motion, apparently to some prearranged plan and charged over the old mages back fence and into his back yard, these spirits with their totems in hand had been worked/spelled by the old sourcer into becoming ^^partly corporeal. The old mage still securing the front door saw out the window that the spinning group of spirits landed on the ground looking like small small dust devils, then they zoomed over the fence into the back yard, the old mage perceived with satisfaction when he heard the buzzing beehive sound effects when the group landed on the old mages giant enchanted cactus. Later he could see where they had tore into the giant 7+foot tall cactus with a vengeance and until that lost most of their spinning momentum and life force while tearing apart the the multitudes of leafy spines, (it took several months for my brave cactus to recover). Knowing that he now had the advantage the old mage quickly locked the front and came around to the back where the three bound spirits of the group jumped him and started slamming him with their semi corporal totems, after the old mage took a hit over one eye he fell back to a stance and began signaling for a negotiation. Two of the smarter spirits of the group who the old mage recognized as always having been cooperative, and non combatant and who apparently hadn't been bound to totems, had manged to split themselves off to the side and were starting to pleading with the others that there was no contest and nothing to gain by battling it out with the old mage. After much negotiation, with the group, and the old mage exhibiting the gains of the spirits that they all know who had snuck away from the old sources, and who had been helped by the old mage to obtain a more conformable unseen world living(pun) arrangement. So the spirits and the old mage worked toward coming to terms. Then within a few nights work the old mage managed a big working to disconnect the three spirits bindings who had been bound by the old sourcer to totems. Then before they left the freed spirits spent the rest of the nights during their visit talking over old times from when they were first connected to the old mages destiny (another long story). the old mage listened patiently to the complaints of how they the spirits had been mistreated by the old sourcer. 'the old mage said this to their semi corporal faces', so it can be said here their ill treatment (at the hands of the old sourcer that the old mage had left them with was really just some really hard discipline, which had caused them to form bonds to support each other that would last, and they had gained the strength for some few of them that with continued work they could become highly functional spirits. Area for the students dueling the sourcer actions: A couple of days after the fiasco at the old mages house, the student was meditating within his circle (created with a marital arts focus) when suddenly a pure white/light grape fruit sized, multi legged creature pooped into his field of vision, he was stunned as he watched this rapidly moving creature dart up down and all around his back yard, seemingly to not be effected by gravity in the slightest. As he watched mesmerized by the creatures actions beginning to turn more and more rhythmic, he suddenly felt a uncomfortable 2nd presents, this did alert him into action. He jumped up facing the direction of the sensation of discomfort, to discover that a white light avatar with what appeared to be wearing a large rimed bowler looking head gear, had popped into the yard just to the right of the area of where his gaze was fixed upon the mesmerizing actions of the tiny creature, then he realized that its movements were meant to distract him. At first the student fearing some kind of attack went into fight or flight until he remembered that he was sitting in his circle. He didn't know that the avatar was there to demonstrate his prose which is the prose of the sourcer, and then to try to recruit him (as he had many others)as a aid to the sourcer. So the student declined the unspoken invitation by quickly reciting a generic banishing spell. The spell did little to the white light avatar, but the sourcer hearing through the avatar got hurt feelings so he withdrew his avatar and the tiny tulpa/tulpe creature that accompanied him. A win for the student! Did anyone notice the difference between the white light avatar and a regular questions from the young student after this completed initiation: 'why did you ask me if I wanted to be a candidate to be placed in-charge of the earths third chakra? I wanted to gauge the high of your current level of ambition within the unseen world said the old mage, and so that I could set up a appropriate test of skills for you to judge your self, when passing through this one of your adult level initiation trails. You see at your level you pass or fail according to your own evaluation of yourself, all that I do is arrange things into forming a balanced arena for you said the old mage. 'why did you ask me to do the scroll writing for you, saying I have all of the enchanted materials prepared, but I am not skilled enough to write the sigils on the scroll myself. This was all true said the old mage, I eventually got a friend to write the scroll for me. You were unsure of yourself at the time and I wanted you to focus on helping me rather then being unsure of passing your sigil writing challenge said the old mage. So then I set up a balanced test for you to take your newly earned totem tool and to pass over to my domain and inscribe a few sigils on the lower part of the skin of my leg. I know said the old mage why? Scroll writing materials are really expensive in the unseen world, for someone at my level, so I did a little mesmerizing on you so that you would cross over to my domain within the unseen world poop out and inscribe on the skin of my lower leg a few sigils all the while thinking that It was a scroll that you were inscribing onto. Now I have a fine permanent keep sake from the graduation of my one student beamed the old mage with pride, and you have sufficiently demonstrated your level of skill at scroll based sigil writing, So the old mage continued clearing his throat, you are now ready and you can look to find gainful employment within the unseen parts of this world beamed the old mage. ^these spirits holding their totems in hand had became partly corporal prior to coming over to the old mages house/domain, this was probably done by the infusion of life force by the sourcer and his cure/coven/group of assistants during a ritual or working of some type. Keeping friendly enemys is usualy the case with the old mage: (the old mage and the sourcer are still friendly enemies, they both understand that loosing and gaining a source of power involves some kind of a ruckus, after all of the fuss was over, the old mage spent several months on a spirit quest helping the old sources with some small amount of enchanting, and student training). Spirit visits the bad and the good: This basic information will be the same for both stories in this post: My normal spirit communication process is from within my domain’s 3rd circle-(updated version-*bubble domain) I view the conformance of the bubble to see if any spirits are visiting or in the near vicinity , then I channel them and use none verbal communication is the norm, with whatever being/spirit that I make contact with, sometimes falling asleep to release my functional spirit, sometimes receiving open vision. I repose my body within the medium circle of a triple circle system (within my domain physical/spirit). The 3rd circle is augmented with the crossed powers emanating from a spirit anchor juxtaposition spirit/physical phasing, using a specially prepared round table top to augment the spirit anchor frame which is symbolically sun stone enabled, which is focused on the physical aspect of the symbolic moon structure. This anchor is located just outside of my domains third circle and within the #rune organization of my domain. My theme is all focused toward adding comfort, and dimension to visits from my spirit world guests some of whom are scared, lost, angry, etc. I treat these as patients when they are in need of assistance, others are like myself functionaries in a series of ever evolving spirit quests (sometimes called the wild hunt or journeying). 1#Negative Encounter: The following Negative spirit activity is mentioned to add contrast to the positive spirit activity that follows: I was sitting in my medium circle when I noticed that a spirit had suddenly charged into the area of my domain unannounced, it smacked against the energy emanating from my 3rd circle and then smeared a visible dark swath across its outer parameter. I channeled the spirit and could hear the chattering thoughts of rage being its projected from. As it had streaked across my circle I recognized something in the temporary visible smear of what looked like the outline of the face of an acquaintance of mine who I had apparently but unintentionally offended. I decided that I would give the shaken intruder time to pull itself together and so I went to bed and fell asleep, a couple of hours later I was awakened by a startling dream cartoon projection that lit up the whole bedroom as it seemed to explode near me. Then I opened my eyes and recognized the presence of a functional spirit-'a spirit being projected by a being who still is alive', standing at the foot of my bed. The aforementioned spirit had come to me in open vision, first he/she politely apologize for the rude interruption to my sleep, then as we exchanged a few tense words the tension grew as he/she tried to cow me with a set of powerful mental persuasions that contained multiple threatening. I could tell that he/she was obviously seeking to cow me for a win-'duel can end by giving something as tribute to the winner', after a time of me shielding myself, (while still talking politely, 'a must in pro. dueling') he/she psychic attack faltered, then he/she slumped, from the mental effort and from the earlier draining effects of having *charged and slammed into my 3rd bubble earlier that night, once he/she realized that they could not overpower me, their attitude changed to a degree humbler, he/she paid me a *tribute of the contents of their stomach, then left. 2#Positive Encounter:I was sitting in my 3rd circle when a spirit intending to visit announced itself properly to me, by showing itself to me in the form of a giant crow which had made itself obvious and visible in the view of my front window (after 7 yrs. of living in my house I have never seen any bird bigger then a dove near my front window). I channeled back and forth with the spirit that had produced the form of the crow and we came to the terms of admittance to my domain, then I went to bed and to sleep (in my experience serious spirit transactions are best left to my functional spirit, by leaving the body in a resting position). The spirit that the crow had announced the arrival of came to my front door, I got up out of bed and let it in ‘under my tough but fair rule’. In this case I wasted no time in getting the Daemon (my preferred catchall word for unknown types of entities, in the definitions for Daemons: A Daemon can be anything from a evil spirit to a god), who was a head taller than me in a hold. I explained what I was going to do, for it and then we agreed on the arrangements, and things got more relaxed. The deal was; for me to repair the Daemon to a higher state of functionality, and for me to receive occasional visits from it at its discretion. Because of the powerful stature of this Daemon, It would require two (spirit anchors, totems, 'bindings, I don't like the word bindings, but it is understood by many to mean the connecting of a spirit to a condition through a physical item that permits it to operate on the physical plane'), a high Daemon such as this one needs two, one to stabilize it in its current form when it wishes to, and a second to allow its spirit to be more functional on the physical plane. The operation on the Daemon was tough, but simple. Outline: a destiny tweak has be added to the past of a standing destiny mural, so that adding a new resident/Daemon to the physical/present can be balanced. The words of the destiny tweak that is added to a standing destiny mural: 'This Daemon had fallen into circumstances, where he was in a position to gain two totems one silver and one gold.' During the procedure I placed the two totems just above the location of the Daemons eye sockets, the Daemon could then have both hands free (I have seen many bound spirits having to hold their totem/anchored in one hand which is a handicap in my opinion). On a brighter note these bits of jewelry really added dimension to the striking good looks of this fully formed skinny black Daemon, ‘one silver and one gold eye piece’, (very cool). the Daemon left happy. In the future I am hoping for him to visit, and I hope on occasion to get needed support from him when I go on some of my upcoming spirit quests. (I have to add I used bonding magic to finalize all of the components, which always leaves free will intact within creatures that can normally operate under free will conditions). ^my domain bubbles are enchanted dust (I honored all dust as star dust), I was only enchanting (many months of alchemy-work) the smallest bubble which I call the mage hat, when I had the good fortune to have a (), drop by and he polished up the other two bubbles before he left. The principle is that spirits are more easily vied when they show up as images on the outer circumference of the bubble. *For those who previously asked me about the meaning of a friendly enemy: (in a duel for dominance when the aggressor loses: To avoid future retaliation a being gives/surrenders something, (frequently called giving tribute, to the victor). Once I have received tribute, after a challenge to dominance over my domain, from then on I consider the attacker a friendly enemy. ##I had in my position several totems, that I received when working to free a few (unwillingly bound) spirits that had fallen into my hands. The totems/anchors were removed and then the spirits were freed. I transferred the spirit ambiance from two of these totem anchors to the two shards one of silver and one of gold, that I talked about earlier. Information: In my experience sometimes there are spirit prompted initiations: that is were the folk lore legend of the Wild Hunt Came From with wild cat sounds, dogs howling, excessive wind, birds chirping intensely, and sometime horses join in the ruckus. Some Wild Hunt initiates possibly have a history of mystic relatives, or possibly they are you in the future going to max out on some craft, path, or way. Could be a a sourcer trying to grow a heard of () so that he can compile them into one to make a semi corporal functional tulpa. +'THE Wild Hunt 'Others, practitioners of various forms of magic, joined in it voluntarily, as an intangible part of them (a “soul,” if you like) flew with the cavalcade while their bodies lay in their beds as if sleeping normally.' Visit to a western monastery: Once a few decades ago a young stranger went looking about for a new spirit quest to go in search of knowledge and gain new abilities and. He discovered through diligent unseen world research that the genius loci of a certain area were thrilled by the conduct and kindness of a group of whistling monks who lived in their area. The young stranger picked a good time for traveling, then he set off to visit these monks in order to discover why they among many other peoples had such happy genius loci in their area. As he traveled to the christian monastery the young stranger discovered another christian monastery that was in the line of where he was headed. So curious to see what was going on in this monastery he presented himself at the front gate. After asking his name and a brief conversation, the monk soon learned that he was a relative of a well-known contributor to their religion, so the young stranger was treated well and invited into the monastery to spend the night. Due to the late hour, the young stranger did agreed to stay the night and also because the monk had told him that every morning the monks performed a magic called a mass during which (his understanding of what they said: a person's spirit body could receive healing and knowledge through the blessed food ingested during the mass. The young stranger had always been intrigued by this notion for he himself had been trained by his spirit guides to have the faith to be healed and to grow and balance his spirit body which he had worked all of his life to make functional. While sleeping that night in the monastery the young stranger was awakened by a strange noise coming from one of the natural rock walls of his room. When he opened his eyes he saw the image and appearance of a religious Icon being reflected off of the wall before him, wondering why one of the monks had not just come into his room, or journeyed in conversation with his spirit body he decided to ignore the intrusion but having been woken up, decided to meditate and to travel in his spirit body to the other monastery to fulfill his original quest. At the other monastery, he discovered that some of the monks were already up and active and that a few of them had functional spirit bodies, and that they we're dealing generously with the genii locorum of the area. So the young stranger spent the rest of the night communicating with these monks and discovered further that it was the sacrifice of their speaking human words and developing the tiny talent of whistling to communicate with each other that had served some of the monks to forge functional spirit bodies. The young stranger was very enamored by the efforts of these whistling monks. Some of them had given up the pleasure of speaking any words at all for decades. the monks gifted him the tiny talent of whistling. The next day at the monastery where his physical body had spent the night, the young stranger got the impression that he was being offered a position to stay as a trainee monk at the, and they seemed to be expecting him to show some kind of reaction from the viewing of the reflection of the religious Icon in his bedchambers wall the night before. When the young stranger went to the morning ceremonial mass. He was less than impressed with the proffered tiny bit of bread and drink and did not feel any enhancing or healing of his energy body. So after the mass, he thanked the monks, promising to make mention to his rich relative of their hospitality, and then he left the area never to return. Time passed and in another region of the world the young stranger while talking with one of his relatives, learned of the fate of the two monasteries. The one monastery had met the misfortune of burning down and the other was thriving somehow having achieved a state of general bliss, where they were so supported by the collective strength of each other's functional spirit bodies that for at least that period of time they no longer needed to sacrifice their words to gain the life force necessary to grow functional spirit bodies. So the whistling monks became free to speak and whistle as they chose. Hearing this last happy news the young stranger, just expertly whistled a happy tune as he headed off to yet another spirit quest. The beginning lineage keeper#ESOTERIC VISUALIZATION EXPLANATION FOLLOWS: he was exhausted in body, wounds upon healing upon wounds covered his physical body inside and out, while scars of embedded runes lay cloaked within his functioning spirit body. Gray doom showed in the lines of his face until, yet once again he is revived by the generous healing tokens passed through to him from the hidden masters of good will. Renewed he faces forward he views the dictates of his next spirit quest through the genius loci of the various areas that he is to pass by, all flashing before his eyes revelings, parts of the collective destiny that must come to pass. His only distraction and joy the mighty potential of the now present students that seem to be popping up all about him like spring blossoms. His deepest thoughts for them echoing through the ether as none verbal roars: 'look up and demand attention', you will surly be smitten, the untested are akin to the unwashed, 'look up and demand attention', he roars again as his body falls to trance and spasms begin signaling his entering the unseen world once again. #(In the past I haven't explained many of my Visualizations but in this case: I was trying to express the tole that it takes on a person when they go out into the unseen world on a spirit quest, the gratitude that they would have of having some support in their efforts from within the membership, and a suggestion to do what a spirit guide leaked from the secret information that all spirit guides like to Hoard: 'get their attention',example: if you just go through the motions of a summing circle then sit there waiting, you have to be in a place where the spirits actually are(their are exceptions to this rule, but we are talking at the starting level)', a comment about the sometimes extreme discomfort that is experienced frequently before a initiation or partial initiation of a functional spirit body into the world of spirits "this is not necessarily related to any other type of initiations", and finally a comment about the unwashed: this refers to a type of alchemy, through the processing of poison/negative energy's which are separated by the alchemist and passed on through his body while the cleaned life force is added to increase the functionality of his spirit body) Thanks for reading. ancestor nudges Concerning studying ancestors and the prophetic nudges that they can give you. There was once a new mage who had started on his path, he focused his efforts toward the wholeness of having a functional spirit and building a life on a more permanent plane of existence. As he got more in tune with spirit, he discovered that his ancestors where giving him helpful nudges from time to time. About the almost unnoticed nudges from ancestors: When young in body for no apparent reason to him at the time he worked at gathering and enchanting (pushing/quickening a variety of various materials into other planes of existence). He was unaware that he had enchanted enough materials to create a scroll, he had week, writing skills as displayed here (humble moment), and at the time would have negated any though of future scroll writing. Then at one point in his life while he was studding and practicing functional spirit movements and alchemy with various groups of his peers , he was given the opportunity to do some work at a temple on a higher plane (who wouldn't jump at the chance to even set foot into a temple on a higher plane Ahhhh). While rummaging around in the temple he managed to ruin a really old 'in his defense rancid scroll' (klutz much), and so he was obliged, to recreate a new scroll from scratch (pay back is a @#^%&). So he began the work with the materials that he just happened to have collected in his youth (thanks for the nudges ancestors) 'ancestors taking a bow'.