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  1. 2 steps forward and 1 step back

    Hello all, I have been wandering around this site for quite some time and finally decided I need to join. Iā€™m not sure where to start but I feel frustrated. My teacher is a Kahuna master whom is also a teacher of qi. He is amazing and has taught me so much. He has also recently given me permission to teach. My issue is I became ill 6 months ago and with his help I was back to healthy again in no time. However, this past week all of those old problems (ills) have started to return. I thought I was done with this. A few things to note. - I have 2 young children and my daily routine has become less daily. I replaced it with yoga to prepare myself for full lotus position. - I know now this was a big mistake. My teacher has now left the country and I am a little lost. Any help?
  2. Lucid dreaming and dream interpretation is a part of many of the spiritual traditions of the past and is mentioned in many of the world religions. A good meditation and statement of realization/affirmation/mantra/whatever you do, to do at night before bed is to silently affirm to yourself, "I remember my dreams and am conscious while dreaming." It is also more healthy to gradually drift into sleep, than to pass out immediately. Another one to do in the daytime is, "My concentration is becoming perfect." And, "My concentration is perfect." Do not phrase an affirmation like "I will remember my dreams tonight", because your mind will then think that it is something that always will happen in the future, but not now in the present time, which is what time it always is. To mentally realize the statement to yourself is also more powerful than repeating a mantra over and over. You should also get in the habit of writing down your dreams when you wake up if you can, anything you can remember, even if it's just fragments or bits, immediately upon waking up. After several weeks or months you can look over the info over time and see if there are any patterns or recurring themes Here is a cool article about dreams and their meaning according to the readings of Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce on dreams The Edgar Cayce Dream Dictionary. This page explains what the symbolic meaning of something in a dream is- Edgar Cayce Readings Dream Dictionary