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Found 8 results

  1. I have been doing masturbation for many years. I am going to get married soon and my erections are weak and premature ejaculation is also there. Can you suggest some herbs or remedial measures I can take to avoid the embarrassment? I checked the website by Dr. Lin ( It seemed legit but the medicines cannot be ordered in my country. I am thinking of using some of the herbs used by him as a supplement. To name a few : Panax ginseng, American Ginseng, Damiana, Pumpkin seed, Saw palmetto, pygeum bark, Nestle root, Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus terrestris, Gingko biloba. Does anybody have experience have these medicines? What are your views about Dr. Lin of ( Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. The efficacy of majority of herbal medicines has always been questioned by science. The ancient systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Accupressure are termed as pseudo science. However, enough people claim to get cured by these systems and I think it's the reason why these systems have survived for so long. In my opinion, herbs definitely have some impact on body but these changes are minutiae and hence unobservable to a worldly man. In fact, the research done on these medicines is often of shorter duration and not done in collaboration with other supporting herbs. Majority of ancient medicine systems deal with body as a whole unlike modern medicine which is known for its expertise in dealing with each body part separately. My aim of asking this question on this forum is that many of the individuals here are involved in spiritual practices. Spiritual people have much better body mind connections and they have deeper understanding of bodily functions. Does anybody have anything solid in this regards? Are herbs really effective to treat diseases? Please share your thoughts.
  3. Let me preface this by saying that I never felt any inclination whatsoever to be a doctor.Zero.Nada.Not even in dreams. I don't even like much to interact with people, at all. In this aspect I'm the stereotype of the introvert that prefers to be alone. And yet...yet I realized now that for a while(the last three or four years?) I've kept thinking of "the healing arts"/medicine. Once in a while I would talk(with my family) about learning more about anatomy to develop my massage skills, joke about learning acupuncture to "pin myself with the needles", try breathing techniques to lessen the pain, or as it happened today, search about therapeutic methods. I was even taking notes about thermotherapy/heat therapy just right now. Why?No idea. I know next to nothing about how the body works or how ultrasound can be used to alleviate pain or reduce swelling. I even enjoy reading the books/posts that talk about it(the art of healing or how the body heals itself, regeneration and etc.), but at the same time I feel no interest in being more proactive about it and maybe "use it to help others". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Am I somewhat being led towards a more "medically-inclined life"(for some odd reason), or is it all just in my head and I should stop trying to seek issues where there are none?
  4. Daoist Alchemy

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for letting me join with you daoist bums. Just to let you know that a complete daoist cosmology is being revealed on the internet. Extracts from the contemporary work 'Mimi Neike' are appearing on the website Just go to the secret medicine webpage and you can find out about the secret of life, the secret of your life and of course the secret internal medicine that is the subject of the work. Enjoy.
  5. An Herbal Nasal Drop Enhanced Frontal and Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activity
  6. Medicine Buddha

    Recently been reading through some of the medicine Buddha sutras. Medicine Buddhas appear as two types--the Lapis Lazuli Buddha of the eastern land and the healer bodhisvattas. The dharani of Lapis Lazuli Buddha is beautiful, esp. as performed thusly: Now, Lapis Lazuli Buddha has his pure land now in this era, while the healing bodhisvatas will become Buddhas in some far distant future. However, the benefits of recitation (of their respective mantras) is very similar. I particularly like that the healing bodhisvattas came to enlightenment throught the sense of taste, and are essentially supreme herbalists. Anyone have experience with these mantras? Insights into medicine Buddhas? 8)
  7. my position and my goals

    Hello, friends. I suppose I'm here because I feel like self-improvement is to be found in TCM, Qi Gong, and/or Tai Chi. The only problem is that I'm a complete virgin on all three subjects, with virtually no knowledge of even their basics. I'd appreicate any sort of advice and pointers you guys might have for me, and am totally open to answering any questions. Thanks!
  8. Hellooo!

    Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Isaac. Before a recent diversion of attention, I had been an unregistered visitor to this site for a while. I had finally come to realize that my modality of faith, which was christianity, was seriously lacking in relevance to my life. I had been dealing with mountains of guilt from my past, with depression, and self hate, isolation, and soul rending loneliness as a result. It had gotten to a point where I was desperate for truth, and if i couldnt find any, I would allow the already growing thoughts of ending my life take over me. So, at 19 I began a whole lot of digging and reading into actual, verifiable methods of healing, as so many belief systems claim to have. I figured if i could find some good scientific proof, then bam! Theres what i needed to get into. While being raised in a pentecostal environment all my life "healings" were not unheard of though I'd never seen any, or knew anyone who had that kind of experience. And when I tried to research medically verified instances of this, the claims always came short. THEN by a magnificent synchronicity I stumbled across reiki, with wonderful documentation to back it up. Then soon qigong, then of course I found myself here. And here is where my life pretty much changed. I found myself in the midst of a bunch of wonderful, peaceful, and intelligent people having perfectly cognizant civil discussions about everything I had questions about! How intriguing, I thought, They must be onto something if they poses such sincerity, and peace in their words! So I began following the forums, learning much about The Tao, and I was in love! Absolutely nothing had made as much sense to me before! Life ceased to be a battle, and I saw it for the beauty that it really can be. and on top of that I found out the workings of the body that those in the East had known for so many years, and how balance brings life and healing. Its what I needed to heal all my wounds that hadnt been done TO me, as they didn't exist, but those that I had lead to manifest as a result of my lack of understanding. And the road since has been full of discovery and revelation. But NOW in my time away getting caught up doing regular dumb teenaged things with my buddies, things have happened and, I've made poor choices that have left me again looking for ways to regain the balance I've gambled away. Living in a small town I dont have too many options when it comes to friends, and of course they aren't interested at all in Tao, or spirituality but rather cigarettes drugs and alcohol. Of which I partook along with them. As a result I've changed negatively. My body is in disarray, and I've lost the bright light, and the wonderful light I always had. Consequently many brain cells too. So here I am once again to ask for guidance to regain my health, and ask questions I cant seem to find answers to elsewhere which is why I've decided to sign on up. I hope to make connections, and become great friends with you all! I could definitely use some folks who are like minded. Much loveee, Isaac