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  1. Staring at walls.

    Hello to all. This is a little bit of self advertising which I hope doesn't offend. For the past seven years I have been sitting for an oil painter for about 6-10 hrs./week. It has been an interesting journey and near the beginning I was finding it hard to stay awake. I came across Dr Stephen T. Chang's book of Internal Exercises and started practicing to see if it would help. Well seven years later over 20 paintings have been created and many hrs. of taoist meditation practice: and yes it did work. This last year culminated to an art show of all the paintings. Also from studying (and meeting) Dr Stephen Chang who is a great scholar of the Tao Te Ching, I was inspired to edit James Legge's classic, the "Tao Te Ching" to make it gender neutral, and hopefully less cryptic. I have enjoyed in particular James Legge's translation after studying many other translations by different authors, but always felt it was male orientated and also slightly Christian based (not that that is negative). So I set out on the path of re-writing it. I thought this would be straight forward, but found that every paragraph and expression that I approached felt worthy of being contemplated upon, sometimes for weeks and/or months! Anyway it's done, and available and this is what I am sharing in this post:) Below is the link. I would warmly appreciate feedback if anyone feels to buy and cherish. The price may seem high compared to other copies but the book publishing costs take a large %, and anyway it is a priceless item! Love and blessings to all that cultivate. x