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  1. Recently, I started to recognise my chakra sounds apart from the hissing, chirping and machine gun like high pitches in my head, and surprisingly, they really correspond to the info around, there are 7 distinct sounds in the different times of the day, most of the times, one note is active, and rarely two of them are distinguishable at the same time. I am assuming these sounds are coming from my most active chakras I am a self learner with no visible living teachers around, so I move with reconciling my experiences with the info I get from other people's writings. I am practicing kuji in meditation for a year,one interesting thing I discovered is the first mudra Rin really maintains a heated current from the tip of the spine to the head, but the dominant chakra seems to be the ajna which I was not expecting at all and in the literature it is said to be related with the base chakra. During the practice I only hear the sound note corresponding to ajna instead of the base chakra, although physically, the source of the current feels like starting at the tip of my spine and gives the effects of generic base chakra, so apparently it is doing much more than simply activating the base. Any comments based on personal experiences on this ? Thanks in advance.