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  1. Inaction vs. Passivity

    Last night I had a dream where Batman stops fighting criminals(I forget why) and while he is lying doing nothing police captain Gordon makes videos showing him fighting criminals to cover for him. When Batman finally realizes he has been inactive too long he starts getting ready to fight but finds out he has been lying in his socks too long that he has trouble walking now becuase he has foot fungus. My interpretation of the dream is my subconscious fear that I will confuse passiveness with inaction in the path of Tao. In my current life, I am lucky that I don't need to do much to live a comfortable life since most of my needs are cared for. So, the way I understand it Tao for me will be accepting the life I have(easy because it is so simple, hard because of the conflict of pride on being dependent) and living passively while reacting to the problems that may crop up as I flow along with the current of my life without railing against it. I am new to Tao so I am sure I am making mistakes. Any books you folks can recommend on this wu-wei aspect of Tao for the beginner?