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  1. Previous : " it's most likely that people entered the Americas around 16,000 years ago. " " The "Clovis first theory" refers to the 1950s hypothesis that the Clovis culture represents the earliest human presence in the Americas, beginning about 13,000 years ago; evidence of pre-Clovis cultures has accumulated since 2000, pushing back the possible date of the first peopling of the Americas.[10][11][12] Research published in 2021 dated faunal bones, mostly of rabbits and associated with what may be stone tools of human origin, discovered in the Coxcatlan Cave, to between 33,448 to 28,279 years old. Such finds indicate that the human arrival in the Americas possibly occurred prior to the Last Glacial Maximum.[13] More recently, in September 2021, scientists reported the discovery of human footprints in White Sands National Park in the state of New Mexico that are understood to be 23,000 years old, around the time of the Last Glacial Maximum, and the oldest record of humans in the Americas. " - Wiki . " In a study of exposed outcrops of Lake Otero in New Mexico, the United States, archaeologists have discovered numerous human footprints dating to about 23,000 to 21,000 years ago "