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  1. Day 144 golden flower

    Dear Dao Bums, This is my first post. I write because I feel the need to share my experiences with the golden flower method, as described in the secret of the golden flower and then explained by JJ Semple. Today marks 144 days since I started the daily meditation. Unlike other accounts, I haven't had a dramatic experience, but I do notice a definite gradual change. I'll try to keep this post short, so I'll only talk about a few things I've observed in my body: 1. At around day 90 I was napping in the afternoon and felt a very strong, VERY STRONG, electric current in all of my spine. I had the presence of mind to align my head and it also went into my head. It felt like when you accidentally get shocked at a power outlet and you can't let go. But it was not unpleasant nor painful, just intense. I'm not sure how long it lasted. Afterwards I felt like my usual self. 2. A few times now I've woken up at night because of intense heat in my body, followed by a lot of sweating, and a feeling that my insides are 'spinning' or ' vibrating' . When this happened, I had eaten red meat and had drunk alcohol (gin and tonic). 3. Twice now in those moments I 'wake up' and float out of my body, it's like I have enough energy to sustain myself outside my body; but I quickly lose awareness and fall into dream mode. I found the alcohol thing very interesting, usually for years now I've not been able to tolerate liquor; though I never stopped drinking beer and wine. I only drink socially on weekends, and don't usually get drunk, but it happens from time to time. Lately I had been drinking less and less because even one beer can give me a hang over and a headache the next day. Since, I've been meditating, (and also with some other practices I did in the past); when I drink liquor it's like adding fuel to the fire. It's like a reaction that has been wanting to take place, like a little engine inside me starts up and vibrates, moves around different parts of my body, and then generates heat, and finally sweat. Again, it's intense but not unpleasant. When I'm actually sitting at meditation, it's only a mild pleasant king of heat some of the time (sometimes nothing). Things seem to happen during sleep, but I think they are definitely linked to the sitting practice. The rest of the time life goes on as usual, no big changes, just maybe a bit more awareness about my inner emotional states. Naturally I turned to the internet for research. Most advice says not to drink alcohol while meditating, and to stick to a mostly vegetarian diet. I feel that meat and alcohol help the process in my case, they give me more energy. I found mentions of obscure tibetan traditions involving alcohol, and I read a book about Aghoris (an indian sect that eats meat, consumes intoxicants and allegedly does rituals with corpses...). My theory is that most recommendations have teenage boys in mind, who probably have excess fire (chinese medicine term), and need a cooling diet to be able to raise energy in meditation without loosing control. Also, recommendations probably stem from trying to manage teenage boys in a monastery that need to be kept in order and convinced to be celibate. In my case, I would say I have excess water and some wind (again chinese medicine terms), when I tried a vegetarian diet (for moral principles) I've felt quite weak and dispirited. Anyway, my question here is, has anyone had any experiences with meditation/ alcohol/ meat?