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Found 5 results

  1. Dancing

    Dancing is a form of love and self care. Dance brings joy. Joy is an act of resistance. Joy builds resilience. Joy gives rise to hope. Please take some time for yourself, to do a little dance, any kind you like, any way that feels good.
  2. Keep it simple

    Hello you bums, I wanted to give some perspective on a discussion about chi gong+weight lifting and found myself having to make a post upon inscription in order to do so... So Here it is... As a mean of introduction: "I have been in and out of regular practice and study of various internal arts because I would gather as much informations and practice in a state of want and need really striving, trying to apply everything I found at the same time (which was mentally exhausting and far from relaxing) and being harsh on myself, probably because I wouldn't cope with the "almighty perfect unreachable master-worthless piece of sh** student" relationship (like it was a question of motivation or being worth anything) But lately I have been blessed to connect a lot of dots in many aspects of my perspective on life and the way I approach it, which got my practice to make a lot more sense right away." First of all, I am my own master, in the sense that during practice I have control over my thoughts and "things" don't just happened to me like in a victim state. So if a form or a move (and it's said results) seems unreachable, and you have a thought like "It will take me years to be able to..." or "I don't have the patience for this..." simply just "think" another thought that at least sets you on a more positive outlook towards the practice (And since you are you're own master, you'll know which one it should be). Then see as the tension in your body just release as you discard those unproductive thoughts giving you more space and setting you back on the ease of the practice. Also in the process of having a regular practice also discard the thought that "you need a great master" or "today I can't because I'm tired and other obstructing thoughts" by saying/thinking something like "it is accessible to me just like those masters are human being" or "I'm practising now, period" and once again feel those tension go in the sense of like a muscle contracted that you intentionally release you let go of the bad thought and it's associated tension inside. And you'll just see yourself being able to resume or start practice very easily. Once you're set you'll be able to be back in the letting go of the practice (because you've also said/thought "I am letting go" ^^) So it is your choice Either Apply or Deny it Second of all, It is really not "that deep" or "that far away" from you but many masters and teacher will tend to try and keep you in the dark or in that "master above disciple below" relationship, because they may live of your fees or enjoy the treatment and respect they get out of it or really don't believe in your infinite potential or also some may see you as unworthy or from the wrong nationality or are bad judges of people and on and on... Look around the people around you in the room following the class and be honest with yourself, do they look like empowered people in charge of their life radiating a quiet but steady energy or do they seem like jumpy insecure low self esteem awkward anxious people and you'll get a feel of what fruits bears that master. Some will say "yes but some people need that type of relationship, the master as a higher purpose..." it simply is not true but will be hard to admit or to come to terms with it if you've invested a lot of money and time with one master/teacher (the ego works like that) so simply discard this stagnating pride since YOU are you're own master, yes even above ego And third of all, the 70% rule I've heard "Bruce Frantzis" say. Don't go full extension, full contraction, full range in any motion keep some cards under your sleeve or some slack and see how your muscles & tendons find the inspiration to go where that "full extension would have found you" on your second repetition only with still some cards under your sleeve meaning you are still going 70%. By the way master "Bruce Frantzis" a great teacher with lot's of experience and knowledge also guilty of self explanatory great pride (you'll be pressed to see him crack a smile that's not a private joke) Yet let's not throw the baby with the bath water if you find yourself learning with him because he does have a lot to give. Plus he seems more and more joyfull in his late years. That's it, hope it will benefit somebody Have a nice day Bums
  3. The giveaway is over - thanks! Goooood morning, everyone! I've recently finished working on my latest book, 50 shades of yay: great thinkers on happiness, and I thought I'd share it with my favorite bums, who can surely appreciate the importance of the topic. (Well, you guys and the rest of the Internet.) It's free to download today and tomorrow - and no, you don't need a Kindle to read it. As long as you have a device with a screen and Internet connection, you can read it on the Kindle app. Give it a shot, see what happens! If you like it, I'd very much appreciate some feedback - or a quick 5-star review. If you don't like it - well, it was free, wasn't it? Thanks in advance! "Happiness - what exactly is it and where I can get some? These two simple questions have remained unanswered despite all our efforts. Poets bicker about the definition of happiness, scientists try to determine how happiness works, and politicians promise all the happiness you can handle if you vote for them. The Declaration of Independence calls the pursuit of happiness one of the three unalienable rights, but how exactly do you go about pursuing it? This book collects 50 essays, poems, philosophical discourses, aphorisms and snarky comments from great thinkers of our past. They include famous names (Mark Twain, Socrates, Emily Dickinson, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller and others), as well as some that you've probably never heard of. (Christina, Queen of Sweden, just might have been the wittiest 17th-century monarch.) The 50 perspectives on happiness collected in this volume range from goofy to serious, from optimistic to morbid. No matter what your philosophical disposition, this book is guaranteed to help you with your own, personal pursuit of happiness. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you think, it might even make you cry. The "50 shades of yay" can do all of that - and much, much more." Download link
  4. In my opinion the best Taoist teacher on this planet right now is Mantak Chia. I say this because the majority of his work is published online for anyone interested to read and practice for free. He has various youtube video's that are also for free and he explains the phenomena that we experience as objectively as he can. I really don't think you can go wrong with this guy. I plan on saving up the funds to go to his retreat in Thailand which is fairly cheap compared to many other teachers. Here are some links if you want to check out the best Taoist teacher on this planet and rid yourself of delusion. If anyone else knows of someone similar to Mantak Chia who exemplifies the qualities we should expect from an enlightened Grandmaster then please post it, or post your experiences with Mantak Chia. (No offence intended to the great teachers on these boards, I know there are a couple but I won't say names)
  5. Free Authentic Thoth Tarot Readings

    Most people while at fairs, set ups at the mall, or places like that, have encountered people offering things like palm reading, fortune telling, and tarot card readings. To a lot of people these things may not be interesting, or not worth the money. Most people dont really believe these things are going to help them much or are authentic. Here is the original Tarot. It is different than the version the public is familiar with, which is probably only a few hundred years old at the most, and was probably systemized in its current form, in Europe. Tarot is not meant exactly for fortune telling, but rather, for understanding ones spiritual path, and spiritual develoment. This is the most authentic version available today, and is the closest to the original version systemized by Thoth that exists. Free Thoth Tarot Readings-