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  1. A decent study worth reading for women interested in Daoist Alchemy. Link: and also attached to thread. nudan.pdf
  2. Female Dan

    In response to some members' requests , I write the following about Female Dan based on a Taoist scholar Chen Yingning's writings and the materials he edited ,and some other Chinese Taoist writings on this topic.Nowadays you can find lot of information about Male Dan on the internet, yet materials on Female Dan is still very little and are mostly written in Traditional Chinese. Although I am not an ideal person to do this job of presenting to you the steps and detail of Taoist Female Alchemy , at this moment, there seem no other perons eager to do the job , so anyhow I have to make the first attempt. I hope after mine , some persons will come in and give more detail. 1) Same as Male Dan, the aim of Female Dan is to follow Taoist Alchemical steps so as to refine some kind of 'medicine' in women's bodies for attaining immortality , making them live forever, not just in spiritual sense,but also in physical (qi’ s) sense. 2) Based on Taoist theory of qi, all things, physical or spiritual , are consisted of qi , and despite how strange their forms , are just varied qi's embodiment in this universe. Qi exists in two dimensions , one is in our body, its meridians ,organs and vessels..which is called post-Celestial qi and can be sensed when we get sick ( in which qi appears to us as some kind of evil or imbalanced force ) , in an acupuncture treatment or by focusing our mind on our dantian. Post- Celestial qi further splits into Yin and Yang qi , 5 elements..etc. Another one exists in the metaphysical dimension which can be sensed when our post-Celestail qi is full or/and our mind having entered a persistant condensed and clear status; we call it pre-Celestial qi; note that it is a unity of Spirit and qi,no splitting. 3) Human life is possible because it is a product of the intercourse between yin and yang qi . Any new life, a human fetus, is in fact a product of an intercourse between a male and a female, in which pre-Celestial qi is absorbed from outside into a femle's body. Note that Pre-Celestial element hides in post-Celestial things,and they are closely linked to each other.The loss of Post-Celestial stuff also means a deterioration of Pre-Celestial essence. 4) During pregnancy , in a mother's body , a fetus is sustained by the pre-Celestial qi and nourished by its mother's post-Celestial qi ,and breathes in the pre-Celestial way. Afterbirth,the baby begins to breathe through its lung and the so-called post-Celestial way of breathing begins , accompanied with it is the rise of post-Celestial way of thinking . This also implies that there is a split of the original pre-Celestial qi into qi and shen. When the adolescent stage comes, jing further split from that qi, making the separated jing-qi-shen status fully established. 5)In case of male, the rise of post-Celestial way of breathing and leak of jing make his Yuan qi ( Yuan means fundamental and original ) recede and hide in his lower dantian . In case of female, it is a little complicated for the pure part of her qi rises up to the middle part of her breasts and the impure part sinks to her womb; Since female body is said to be yin-typed and is in reaction to the movment of moon, so the expression of her period acts in accordance to it. 6) For both male and female , the gradual leakage of qi, whether in the form of jing, blood or milk,leads them to the process of aging and final death. In order to reverse that process , a man has to stop the leakage of jing by focusing his mind on the lower dantian, such a cultivation is usually called " taming the white tiger "; in case of women , the corresponding cultivation is called "chopping off the red dragon" . Since female's qi is mainly accmulated in the middle of her breasts, in order to reverse its being turned into blood , she has to firstly situate her mind in a mindless status, then applies it slightly on the middle of her dantian, a place different from the male's .If she starts by focusing her mind to her lower dantian , it may lead to serious bleeding problem. 7) Of course, women come across Taoist Alchemy in various ways and in different moments of their lifetime , it may happen when she is a girl or an old lady of menopause; If she is a girl, there is no need for her to do any practice of chopping off her red dragon for it has not appeared; what she has to do is to focus her mind on her dantian ( likely to the lower ) or nowhere ; if she is an old lady with her period already stopped, then she has to cultivate diligently so as to resume it , and then proceed to do the job of chopping off the red dragon. Because the red dragon represents the "essence" of life , she has to revitalise it; it is unlikely that she can skip it ; Note that a girl can ‘skip’ it , but an old lady can’t .If she really can't revitalise it, then it may mean that only Buddhist type of cultivation is possible for her. 8) Different from male who can do his cultivation at whatever time he likes, a female should never do her practice during her period, otherwise severe problems likely will arise because during that duration of time her qi already materialized into blood, and should not be carelessly led to run in other ways or forms.. The appropriate time to start her cultivation should be around 2 days after her period ends ( test it by a piece of cloth , if it looks golden, then the end is assured ) and to stop around 2 days before her period starts.Every woman knows when it starts for there are lot of symptons telling them. Although it is advised that she should practice it twice every day at the zi and wu moments, other flexible time are also good.Especially moments when her sex drive rise to the upmost .. 9) Because female’ s qi is yang in a yin body, it is not so easily to be aroused, so rubbing her breasts in circular ways slightly for 30-40 times, together with her mind focused on her middle dantian , is also advocated ; she will then find a flow of hot qi arising from her womb area.. Note that Men's yang is so easily aroused that unless the practitioner is an old guy who even can't have an erection, hardly do we suggest rubbing his balls together with focusing his mind on his lower dantian , for it is unnecessary . But in the case of woman, despite the fact that rubbing her breast may distract her mind and arouse uncontrolled sex drive, it is always requested to do so. Becaue of this,whether she can get rid of her sex drive in her cultivation is therefore something crucial. 10) It is said that because woman is yin , has a quiet character and has a mind easier to calm down, the so-called chopping off the red dragon can be finished, generally speaking , much faster than a man’ s corresponding trouble, say in a year of time;A man needs 3 years to complete his job of taming his white tiger, it is said. 11) By doing the mentioned in a persistant way , gradually a female practitioner will find her breasts contracted and changed into a form similar to a girl's. Her period will also be cut short and blood become lesser; It can be tested by using a piece of tissue or cloth to see whether its color changed from red into yellow, then from yellow into white ,finally to none; generally speaking chopping the red dragon can’t be done in a one-stroke-then- completed way , but in a graduate way. 12)Please be warned that success in chopping off the red dragon also means the suspension of your reproductive ability . Although the result is not absolutely irreversible, you may find it difficult to go back to the original status ;also note that the change of your body shape may not be something you expect. 13) It happens that chopping the red dragon may appear in two possible ways : chopping the head or tail of it : For example, suppose a lady’ s period always starts on the 3rd of a month and ends on its 6th, chopping its tail means due to her cultivation, her period now ends earlier on 5th ,making her capable of starting her cultivation earlier; and in next month, her period further be shortened to end on 4th ,making her capable of starting her cultivation earlier.. 14) Generally speaking it is after having succeeded in slaughtering the dragon, her qi can accumulate to a greater extent and later becomes full; a full of post-Celestial qi will then make the pre-celestial way of breathing rise .Because pre-Celestial qi is hidden in the post-Celestial, unclean stuff,loss of post-Celestial is unlikely anything unimportant. 15) After women's success of chopping off the red dragon, all the oncoming steps of her cultivation will be same as men's . Since many other Taoist books already cover those steps , I am not going to repeat them here.