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Found 2 results

  1. This may or may not work, but lets try. This thread is for people to talk to each other immediately. Realize it is very not private, so please please be polite. Being concise might work better too. Maybe it can function like the long missing Live Discussion function we had years ago. Only messier. If you see someone's online that you want to talk to. Post and mention @theirname and wait. Or you can PM them. Maybe this'll work, maybe it'll drift down stream.
  2. Anyone want to try a very simple remote 'healing' experiment with me? I need someone who will try to be fairly neutral and who can act as a test 'receiver'. If anyone out there maybe has some minor chronic aches or issues and the like (or not) and would like to try a very informal experiment with me, I will try to remotely tune in to you on the evening of Jan 1 or after (as we decide), and try to smooth out any minor energy issues. Preferably someone who is not currently doing any intense qigong/nei gong work right now and with no major health conditions so you have a better chance of feeling any more subtle results from the test. Just looking for someone who is going to be neutral and give a little honest feedback if they feel any difference/improvement/boost at all the next day. If you don't feel anything different at all, well that is fine and that is still valid feedback. My 'method' will just be to try to focus in on the person and try to smooth out any imbalances and try to give a little boost as well. You don't need to indicate where the minor aches and pains or whatever are if any, and maybe it would be better not to give any such indication, but just watch for any noticeable changes or energy boost for the next 24 hours or so after the test. This is of course just real informal and more just for curiosity than anything too serious. I had a few interesting results with some family members so thought I would maybe give this a try with someone I don't know. Call it a very informal mind intent experiment. Since this 'experiment' is going to rely mainly on the 'receiver's' personal impressions, it is not very scientific at all, but what the heck, it still might be at least amusing anyway. Anyone want to try? You just never know if you don't even try something...