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  1. TO ALL THETAOBUMS.COM SUBSCRIBERS, TAI CHI FOR HEALTH FOLLOWERS, AND FLYING PHOENIX CHI KUNG PRACTITIONERS: This new discussion thread dedicated to self-proclaimed "Tai Chi master" and "Zen master" david dorian ross--with the purpose of making him more infamous than he could ever dream of. It is posted as public service, for David Dorian Ross was instrumental in enabling the corrupt business practices of two large corporate purveyors of New Age lifestyle products (including Yoga and Tai Chi videos)--namely, Healing Arts Publishing, Inc. and its successor in interest, Gaiam, Inc.--that had both hired david dorian ross in 1998 and 1999, respectively, to make a bunch of "Chi For Beginners" videos, that were deceptively titled and packaged so as to circumvent an exclusivity provision in a contract that I had with both these companies. My Complaint against this breach of contract is memorialized in a lawsuit styled "Terence Dunn and Interarts Productions, Inc. vs. Gaiam, Inc., a Colorado Corporation, Gaiam Holdings, Inc., a Colorado Corporation, Steve P. and Elizabeth A. Adams Holdings, a California Corporation, Healing Arts Publishing, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, Steven P. Adams, David Dorian Ross, and John Does 1-100, inclusively" that I filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in January 2000---- Case BC244453. All the video footage mounted on this Youtube Channel is of david dorian ross testifying under oath on August 1, 2001 in a deposition in San Francisco taken by my attorney, William Ford of the Ford Law Firm. In 2000, I sued Gaiam, Inc., et. al. for breach of contract, alleging that Gaiam instead of honoring the exclusivity provision in my Distribution Agreement that prohibited Gaiam from marketing any Tai Chi videos other than my Tai Chi for Health Yang Short Form and Tai Chi For Health Yang Long Form videos, Gaiam hired david dorian ross in 1999 to make three more "Chi" videos (Upper Body Chi, Lower Body Chi, and Energy Chi) after he made "A.M. Chi" for HAPI (CEO Steve Adams) in 1998, which, had Tai Chi as their principal subject matter but which Gaiam effectively disguised as "Qigong" programs by their titling ("Chi For Beginners") and descriptions of the video contents on the packaging, and which Gaiam then sold--in gross violation of the Distribution Agreement--to cannibalize my videos' dominant market share from 1999 through 2003--a market share that was quantified by Nielson Videoscan for those years as accounting for 35% of all barcoded DVD titles sold with the world "Chi" in their titles. The damages I claimed in the lawsuit as propounded by my damages expert, Consor Intellectual Asset Management, totaled approximately $2.4 million. Throughout David Dorian Ross's deposition lasting approximately 5 hours on August 1, 2001, he consistently testified under oath (and in detail) that four (4) "Chi For Beginners" videos distributed by Gaiam that he appears in ("A.M. Chi," "Energy Chi," "Upper Body Chi", and "Lower Body Chi") do not have Tai Chi as their subject matter because he did not have the "internal intent" to do Tai Chi (!!!)--despite the fact that: (A) he names the exercises on the videos using classical Tai Chi names that have no meaning in any other art or context and (B ) despite the fact that each of Ross's postures in question taken from video frames are visually identical to: (1) still photos of Tai Chi postures bearing the same Tai Chi names excerpted from ten popular Tai Chi books and to (2) still frames of my postures excerpted from my Tai Chi For Health DVDs. that were placed in front of him in side-by-side, frame-by-frame comparisons by my lawyer. However, Gaiam Inc.'s very own designated Tai Chi expert, Master Mao Xing Ni (son of Ni Hua Ching)--in a surprising turn during his deposition that flummox'd Gaiam's lawyers-- testified that the subject matter of 3 of the 4 ross videos (Energy Chi, Lower Body Chi, Upper Body Chi) was indeed Tai Chi-- thus flatly contradicting the bulk of ross's 5 hours of testimony under oath, making him out to be a determined and shameless liar. Attached here are Master Ni's notes on the subject matter of the Ross "Chi" videos: Thus fourteen years after david dorian ross's deposition, as a public service here and with a Youtube channel (link below) aptly named "Honey Badger Does Not Care; fajing your ass", I am now exposing this full day of blatant lying under oath that is obviously fundamental to his character and therefore also his manifested teaching persona, which I consider to be awful and unctuously disgusting in general. Based on my observation of his Tai Chi performances on video products over the past sixteen years (many here on Youtube), I consider Ross's skill level to be mediocre and nothing close to the "mastery" that he claims. That Ross has given himself the titles of "Tai Chi master" and "Zen master" as seen here is ludicrous-- --and are insults to the Tai Chi art, to Chinese martial arts culture, and to the 2,000 year old Chan Buddhist (Zen) tradition in particular. In my opinion, this self-proclaimed "master" of Tai Chi and Zen Buddhism, who is demonstrably capable of lying for almost five hours under oath and in front of a video camera, represents one of the most noxious and insidious viruses plaguing the world of unsuspecting, beginning-level enthusiasts in Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditative arts in general and of Zen Meditation and Zen practice in particular----especially given his temporal influence through the media, as he has been long promoted by Gaiam, Inc. as their Tai Chi poster boy. I believe that he is a danger as a retarding obstacle to the physical and spiritual progress of all unsuspecting beginning enthusiasts in Tai Chi and Qigong, and to practitioners of Zen Buddhism. There is an ancient Chinese maxim that extends beyond the realm of martial arts that says: "When the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way." It is my opinion that this self-proclaimed "Tai Chi and Zen master", David Dorian Ross, lends perfect creedence to this maxim. I therefore ask everyone who seeks and respects truth and is interested in the cultivation of physical, emotional, and spiritual health--i.e., the fruits of correct and ethical practice of authentic Chinese martial, yogic, healing and spiritual traditions, and all things the honorable in the Chinese martial arts to: (1) share the link to this discussion/expose´and (2) carefully consider the material presented in this thread and on this new Youtube channel, and then (3) BOYCOTT and advocate to others the BOYCOTTING of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that this person has put his name to. Yours Truly, Sifu Terence Dunn (Kung Fu and Qigong master) my bona fides:…